How did this happen?

Time is moving so fast. I sat down back in November at my kitchen table & wrote out my goals for 2018. I don't care how cliche it is to do that. It cleanses my soul. It gives me vision. I got my word for 2018 & knew this was going to be year of GROWTH & FAVOR. I started to look at things I wanted to accomplish for this NEW YEAR. A FRESH SLATE. We all love them, don't we? I love a new journal. I love a fresh calendar. A new set of pens. Yes. Yes I am a nerd. But I know what I love. 

AS I was sitting at that table and drinking my 3rd cup of coffee that day. Someone inboxed me & my phone alerted me. I picked it up & somehow ended up on my timeline. I saw the dreaded..."TIMEHOP" slogan & thought.... "It won't make me cry this time."  

it did. 
I was wrong. 

How did these kids grow up so fast? How did Eva start Kindergarten this past year? How is Livia not drinking a bottle anymore? When did Tristan hit my shoulders in height? When did Liv and Tristan start being able to bathe themselves?

When did Jonas get potty trained? No. really. I don't remember how he did? 
When did Livia want to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL over Minnie Mouse? When did Eva learn how to ride a 2 wheeler bike? When did she get glasses & look so grown? When did Tristan begin to read so well? How is Zach 31 now? How am I 31? Am I 31? right? 

They have grown up. Time has flown. Sometime over the past 3 years.... I gave Tristan the last bath that he would need me to help him with. Sometime over the past couple years, Eva learned how to make toast all by herself. Sometime over the past year, Jonas gets himself dressed & teeth brushed ALL. BY. HIMSELF. 

Sometime over the past year, Tristan doesn't like it when I take his picture unless he is doing something he wants to do in the photo.

Time is flying by. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? 

Yes. They are still so young. They need their momma & daddy. But somehow along the way I blinked--- and they got an inch more independent. And inch by inch---> seasons changed. 

Hey Mommas that have been up all night with their newborns. Don't blink & don't find any guilt. Guilt is something that cripples in how we do life. It tries to cripple what we know how to do naturally. TO LOVE. TO NURTURE. 

Hey Mommas! I see you worrying about how they are going to pay all the bills & afford those new shoes for wrestling season....
Don't fret. God sees you right where you are. He knows the needs you have. 

Hey Mommas! I see you holding your sick babies with puke & spit up all over you. Not sure when you will ever get a shower. Never feel like you aren't seen. Every little bit of detail in loving that baby----> YOU HAVE DONE IT WELL. YOU ARE a strong woman! 

Hey Mommas! SHOUT OUT TO THE TAXI MOMMAS! I see you driving all over the town to get your kids to their sporting event, club, meeting, etc. TURN UP THAT "GREATEST SHOWMAN" soundtrack & rock it. 

This journey in motherhood is a funny thing. Ups. Downs. Highs. Lows. stillness. CRAZINESS. 
Will we ever feel good enough? That we've done enough for them? That we've given them enough love? nutrition? Vitamin C? protein? I am not sure I can answer those questions honestly. Because the moment I think I have this whole "job" figured out.... I realize I don't. 

But one thing I do know is that the MOMMAS have to stick together. Encouraging one another. 

Do you have someone you need to reach out to & let them know THEY ARE DOING a great job? What about the Mommas waiting FOR A BABY? FOR A PREGNANCY? for a positive pregnancy test?

Reach out. The greatest thing you can do for someone in a hard place is to JUST LISTEN, LOVE, & HUG. 

Be kind to one another mommas! We are all in this together! Because.... Listen....<3 p="">

Live them well. Wait well. Long well. Love well.