How did this happen?

Time is moving so fast. I sat down back in November at my kitchen table & wrote out my goals for 2018. I don't care how cliche it is to do that. It cleanses my soul. It gives me vision. I got my word for 2018 & knew this was going to be year of GROWTH & FAVOR. I started to look at things I wanted to accomplish for this NEW YEAR. A FRESH SLATE. We all love them, don't we? I love a new journal. I love a fresh calendar. A new set of pens. Yes. Yes I am a nerd. But I … Read more

Thinking About Adoption?

WORLD ADOPTION DAY. A day where my blog will dust itself off  & jump from the shelf. There is no doubt about it this day is very special to my heart & family.  You can read Eva's Adoption story  here  &  here .  I thought I would just jump back in really quick to give some information for those that are inboxing me & asking about adoption, foster care, & the whole beautiful process.  Nothing too formal-I'm all about causal.   Many of you know that we adopted o… Read more

How my kids taught me to be ADVENTUROUS.

Me: "Grandma! When you feel sad or heavy… what do you do to lift your spirit?"  Granny B: "Well, I like to listen to your Mother's songs she writes…. it makes me think that even when I wasn't a perfect mom I did something right on this earth when I hear her songs about Jesus & who the Lord has singing them…Her accomplishing things makes me happy. She is accomplishing things for JESUS. She points me back to Jesus." Aw. Motherhood.  It's never about us… Read more