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I have been planning this guest post for over a month now, & I am so excited the day has finally arrived that Claire is here on my blog.... POSTING about her man. She truly inspires me with how much she talks & loves about her husband and family. She recently wrote a post that ROCKED MY WORLD. My sister, Libby & I actually called each other & said, "DID YOU READ CLAIRE'S latest post! OMG! That was so powerful! I was crying!!"

Needless to say, I am a FAN of hers & Libby is a fan.

I have asked a couple of my favorite bloggers to write about their Supermen! :)

Claire is our 1st Guest Post & I am a sobbing mess reading her post! You can see her heart for her man & what he means to her and her family. *TEARS*

Ok. I'm done typing......

read on friends.... read on and leave some love for Claire!

Fast Forward Girl

I’m madly in love with a man I met when I was 17. From the moment I laid eyes on him, it was unmistakable that he was just that--a man. In a group of college boys, there was something about him that set him apart. He carried himself differently, with a kind of strength that rippled when he moved.

He had a clear direction. A driving force that lent him tunnel vision. He wasn’t given to distraction or idleness. He was set on a course. His strength was evidenced in the amount of time I saw him spending on his knees. His humility was shown in his outstretched arms and tear stained face. This was a man given to God. A man who wanted nothing less from life than daily passionate encounter with a living, fearsome Creator. 
I envied his strength. I was a messy 17 year old with questions and hopes. I was excitable, distractable and whimsical. I admired this man I’d met. I thought at least I could hope for his friendship as an older brother and example. I found that I’d caught his eye… little did I know then, what he saw when he looked at me. 
He didn’t see messy. He saw passionate. He didn’t see questioning, he saw wisdom. He didn’t see distractibility, he saw teachability. He didn’t see whimsical. He saw visionary. He saw things that I didn’t know were there. He saw wife. He saw mother. He saw friend, companion, lover, partner. He saw bride.
On a chilly January evening, he told me what he saw when he looked at me. I caught my breath and wondered how? When? When did I, with my floundering immaturity catch the eye of a man with so much strength? When did I catch his heart? And how on earth did I manage it? 
I was young, confused, unsure. But this man, this man who loved me… he was so capable, strong, guided. I leaned on his strength. 
The day that I walked down the aisle with that man waiting for me at the other end, his ever confident smile, I knew with certain hope I would be guided by him for the rest of our lives. 
I love this man because of the way of he’s always loved me. Because he takes delight in my imperfections, and sees beauty in my insecurities. I love him because his vision is my vision. I love him because he leads our family with the Bible as his map and the Holy Spirit as his compass. I love this man because I always have a strong place to run to in his arms. I love this man because he still stands out as a man among men. He has integrity, honesty and vulnerability. He has humility and often is the first to say he’s sorry. He’s quick to laugh and slow to judge. He leads with his heart and listens to God. 

He is a father who disciplines and admonishes, but more importantly, he’s a father who tickles and chases. He is a father who builds snow castles and blanket forts. He’s a daddy who cuddles, snuggles, kisses and holds. He’s a father who weeps, who loves, who teaches. And he is a man who is not afraid to work hard for those under his care. He gives selflessly, generously, and fearlessly. 
He is my superman. Not because I know that if I needed him to, he’d fly in to save the day. But because he already did that. When he saw that messy 17 year old he also saw a future… our future. He swooped in, took my hand, and led me to it. And it’s my plan, to never let go of his hand.


  1. Oh my. This is so moving. Loved it!!!!!!!!!

  2. :) So beautiful!!!! Claire is so special and so are YOU boo!!

  3. Wow. What an incredible love. Thank you Beka for sharing and to Claire for writing. This went straight to my heart! x


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