Meet B*

My name is Beka Fox. I am a wife, mommy, sister, daughter, friend, & encourager. I love and live for Jesus. I love to sing & lead worship for my small town church. My husband and I are directors of a 9 month discipleship program here in Iowa. Master's Commission is how I met my love & I believe not just in the program, but I believe through servanthood we can come closer to Christ. I have a side business,  B* Pretty Photography to help support my family that is in full-time ministry. We are an all-American Family that is trying to get the selfish american ways off of us. We are in the middle stages of our adoption & would love to have a family that GOD has brought together. 

I believe in a good cup of coffee & a good day at the local thrift store. I love reusable GO-GREEN bags & I definitely need to start recycling. (Sorry, Aunt Lois!) 


  1. I've never wanted to visit Iowa....until now. B, this pic is absolutely beautiful- it shows how radiant you are, inside and out. Seriously so happy to have found your blog!! <3


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