{ growing list}

1. adopt a couple babies.

2. write our love story in book form.

3. go to hawaii to shoot a destination wedding.

4. own a pickup truck.

5. Build dream home

6. Tell Superman I love him for 1 whole year... EVERY DAY.

7. always be thankful

8. grow my hair out long.

9. go to India.

10. Visit Africa with my husband.

11. Do the 365 challenge....

12. Make a CD

13. Go on tour with my worship band.

14. Go to Italy.

15. Take a trip to Prince Edward Island.

16. Live debt free.

17. Go on a cruise.

18. Learn Spanish.

19. learn to FRENCH BRAID!

20. Run a 5k WITH my husband.

21. Write & perform my own song in FRONT of a crowd.

22. going with #21---> LEARN TO PLAY THE PIANO.

23. Make new friends every year.

24. do a bridal expo.

25. read 2 books each month for a whole year.

26. SEEK out prayer time.

27. See my husbands book be published.

28.  Pick out all new hand picked pieces for my home. Each piece having purpose.

29. Juice Fast for 1 week.

30. Organize my closet.

31. Get my body healthy.

32. Read the whole Bible.

33. Foster with love.

34. Buy a new bike with a basket.

35. Complete "7".