Thinking About Adoption?

A day where my blog will dust itself off  & jump from the shelf. There is no doubt about it this day is very special to my heart & family. 
You can read Eva's Adoption story here & here

I thought I would just jump back in really quick to give some information for those that are inboxing me & asking about adoption, foster care, & the whole beautiful process.
 Nothing too formal-I'm all about causal.  

Many of you know that we adopted our Eva-girl through Foster Care. 
Some of you are new to this Fox world.... So let's get this party started. 
Eva entered our hearts LONG before our home, but she entered our home at 3 months. 
I always thought we would adopt internationally, but God changed our hearts on "Orphan Sunday" & led us to start the 10 classes. 
We went to an information meeting. 
We turned in our background checks. 
We went and got our fingerprints done by the nice officer. 
We waited. 
We started taking Monday night classes. 
(It was like a date night.) 
We loved the classes & the teachers. 

We were licensed in July & she entered our home in September. 
She was adopted the next August. (3 months after she turned 1) 
We are in a groove now. We have 4 beautiful children now. 
 I have people ask me if 4 is crazy. I tell them, 
"NO CRAZIER than 3....well,
Just a lot more counting. "

If you are wondering about starting classes or MAYBE just looking into adoption...
Let me encourage you to GO AND START the process.
Adoption isn't for everyone. It's not Jesus. ;) 
It IS the Father's HEART though. 
I know it isn't for everyone & I understand that completely.
I have many people tell me....
"We can't adopt, but WHAT CAN WE DO?" 

-Buy them Groceries. 
-give them a gift card.
-take classes to do respite  care.
-Write them a letter of encouragement.
-SPEAK LIFE into them.

This all may sound SO EASY & like an echo from another blog....
Oh wait. 
So many times we forget the SIMPLE things in life are what make LIFE so wonderful.
I think that many forget that we need to take care of our neighbor, our friends, our family, our community, our church family, etc. etc. 
Go check out these websites for more information.

It is true. Adoption is hard, but so is LIFE. So is parenting. So is a GOOD marriage.  We have disappointments. We have trials. We have UPS. We have low points. 
It is all about our outlook and how we want to move forward. Life moves on with or without us. There will always be a need to help others. WHY? We live in a fallen world. There is sin. I am a sinner. I fail daily. (hourly) Until The GOOD LORD returns there is always going to be a need to help others. 

But, FRIENDS.....
A soul is ALWAYS WORTH fighting for
When we stop fighting and decide to let someone else take care of it.....
WE ALL will suffer. Our community. Our WORLD. I sometimes go into that "WHAT IF" world...
What if we never would have started Foster Care?
What if I was too scared to say "YES" to that phone call?
What IF I would have said "NO to adoption?"
WHAT IF I would have listened to my fears & the other people that told me "WE WERE CRAZY" for wanting to adopt?
Dear exhausted friend.....
 Don't lose sight of the path God has placed before you, because of other people's insecurities or fears. Don't listen to their voices. There is ONLY ONE Voice you should be LISTENING for...listening to.....

You and your spouse get together & pray for that soul that YOU MAY JUST be connected to but haven't met yet....or maybe it's a child's face in the neighborhood.........or maybe a Child waiting on a list on a website...........

I will stand beside you in prayer & believe with you. I believe in YOU.