How my kids taught me to be ADVENTUROUS.

Me: "Grandma! When you feel sad or heavy… what do you do to lift your spirit?" 

Granny B: "Well, I like to listen to your Mother's songs she writes…. it makes me think that even when I wasn't a perfect mom I did something right on this earth when I hear her songs about Jesus & who the Lord has singing them…Her accomplishing things makes me happy. She is accomplishing things for JESUS. She points me back to Jesus."

Aw. Motherhood. 
It's never about us…. even when we get down in the dumps & feel Mrs. Entitlement come knocking on our door. 
(speaking to myself here. serious) 
Who helps us see things clearly?
Our kids.
Who helps us be BRAVE?
Our kids.
Who helps us feel encouraged?
our KIDS.

I was with my Granny B for a good while yesterday. I stopped over to see her & brought the kids with me because they think McDonalds + Granny B is a GREAT day. 
Hashtag: it's the little things.
Hashtag: Granny B is the best.

Motherhood is such a tiring job, but honestly-truly---
it is a joy for me.
It brings new challenges EVERY day.
It shows me I need JESUS more NOW than ever. 
I am making decisions…DAILY that mold this little character before me.
I always giggle at people that say…
"I want to be adventurous first & Travel- then have kids."

I was never the adventurous type.
Motherhood has brought that. FORCED it out of me. 

& now Jonas.
have brought me out of my dull self-centered ways & opened my world into this thing called
 They have brought me back to what's IMPORTANT.
That it's not about going to NEW AND EXCITING places, but that going to GRANNY Bonnie's house is EXCITING! 
After all,
she has  OCEAN SHELLS  from Hawaii at her house! 
When we go to Amma & Papaw's house (my parents) 

Every day there is something new.
I can never plan a day out.
Sure. I can have errands I have to "run & do" that day.
But nothing settled. set.
Because with kids…..
Life is adventurous. 

A trip outside in our backyard is fun when you have kids...
I have watched my daughter stand on a 5 inch stump…
arms up….
TO her THAT stump is Queen Elsa's ICE CASTLE.
& she has conquered the world.
She sees her little sister fall & runs to her side…
singing "It's okay Eva. I'm here. You don't have to be afraid."

It's no wonder that Jesus told us that we must become like a child…..

They see everything different.

There are no "awkward after a fight hugs"….they forgive easy.
There are no "half smiles " at the grocery store with that someone that hurt your feels."….. they love easy.
There are no "stumps" that cannot be conquered…… they are BRAVE.
There are no bugs (ew.ew.ew.) that cannot be caught and kept in their BUG containers……
They live fearlessly.
America… the WORLD has twisted our mind to what ADVENTURE looks like.
Adventure can be found anywhere. 

When I asked my Granny B that question.
I was sharing some things I was heavy & burdened about….
Little did she know that her answer was FAR more healing than she thought. 
She found the secret to this whole MOTHERHOOD thing….

To take delight in her children.
Just like God does to us.

Our children point us back to Jesus. 
Love wins.
Jesus wins.


  1. Love, love, love the new look!

  2. Beautiful post! So true.

    Found your blog from the Bloggers Coast to Coast map. I'm an Iowa blogger, too, and just added you to my RSS feed!


  3. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.
    KM 2500 Wheelchair

    Keep Posting:)


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