Mom Grace > Mom Guilt.

Today is Sunday. Sunday is the day of rest. Although my Eva- girl does not quite understand this. She is back in her bed singing...."Bless the Lord, O my soul" for the 100th time to her sleeping sister and OUT LIKE A LIGHT brother. Oh, Eva. What you are teaching me......

The most rewarding & tiring gift I live each day. 

I have shared in the past about my struggle with post partum after Tristan was born. The dark cloud that hung over me. Mother's Day is coming up soon & Tristan wanted to know what that day was about. I just innocently told him that it was a day to celebrate Momma's & future Momma's..... to make them feel SPECIAL. 

I said to him, "Tristan. You were my first baby to make me a momma! YOU made my Mother's Day very special!" 

He smiled and asked, "What did I do for you?"

I smiled back at him and said, " A lot!" 

Oh, what he has done for me..Oh what my kids have done for me
... I began to think of everything they have brought into my life.....& taken away...I know some of you momma's can relate.

So I write to my children what THEY have done for me. 

Tristan, Livia, Evalynne, & baby Jonas-

You have taught momma so much about life. You have taught me to live it to the fullest, that messy is ok, to stop & listen & WATCH the birds, to enjoy change, to choose JOY, to use your words when feeling frustrated..... 
You've taught me that a shower is OVERRATED & that bathing my babies is much better. 

That food is most important to growing little humans. That my movie's aren't as good as I remembered, but FROZEN is good the 1,000th time. 

Children's books are the best books. 
That white is not just for Spring but it's also to see messy finger marks on it to remind me that I am 
loved & wanted. 

That sleep is for the bears. 
That late nights are for rocking, singing, praying you to sleep. 

That little girls fingernails are for being painted. 

Who knew that lotion could smell that good on a body? 

All these years I've been uncomfortably walking in heels... the day you taught me that bending down to get a child is easier in FLATS.... GLORAY!  

And who knew that I could be a  Princess, Pirate, Mermaid, Queen, Shark, Basketball player, & a cookie monster all in one day?? Before I knew you, I was just me. 

You've taught me that prayer is not as complicated as I've been making it out to be. 

You've taught me that GRACE is enough. 

That 6 people CAN fit in a queen size bed. 

That I matter. Mother's..... Stay at Home Momma's..... Working momma's..........Work at Home Momma's......... MATTER. We matter. Mother's MATTER.

I love you T, L, E, & baby J. 

-your momma

Mothers. Future Momma bears......... WOMEN.

The first thing that Satan is going to try and tell you is that YOU DO NOT MATTER. That you are not seen.  That the late nights, the baths, the staying at home days, the drop off the kids at daycare days, the DRIVING from soccer to school to piano practice.... that no one sees how exhausted you are....... that what you are doing is not important. 

Working Momma's. I hear your heart. My best friend works. I see her tears & her "guilt" she can carry around with her. But something you all need to hear...something i tell her..... is that those kids won't remember the work days, but they WILL remember YOU holding them, reading to them, tucking them in at night, taking walks with them, teaching them to ride a bike,  watching their favorite movie with them..... THEY WILL remember the time you spent with them, not the time spent at work. 
Why? Because they will remember YOU. They L O V E you. 

So do not buy into the lies that you are not seen.
Be you. Be a help to other momma's that need a lift in their spirit. Because we are all tired. we are all busy. we are all raising the next generation. Encourage one another. 

Don't be prideful, but take PRIDE in your children. 

One of the best things my mom ever taught me is that you don't have to have ONE and ONLY ONE best friend. That God made us all different & to embrace those differences. WE, as women, should encourage one another in this journey. Not tear each other down. Not look down that their child isn't reading yet or that they aren't disciplining like you think they should. 
Put your GRACE FILLED glasses on & love. Encourage them. 

You never know when Grace might need to be extended to you. So reach with one hand holding onto GRACE & the other hand holding onto LOVE. Place them into that mother's hand & tell her she is doing a good job! BREATHE LIFE into her. Place HOPE into her hands. Be like Jesus.
During this BUSY season... looking around seeing NEW LIFE.... green grass.... flowers....

think about JESUS this EASTER season..... Picture him on the cross.
Hands open wide.
One arm open for GRACE. The other arm open for LOVE.
All for HOPE. 
Extend hope.


Love you dear friends.