Adoption Day.

Thank you all for the sweet words on our previous post. 
Much love to all!

I just wanted to share some adoption DAY photos. 

I love my family. 
Adoption DAY was wonderful.
It was a great day for our close friends and family to come together & celebrate Eva.
My Granny B was adopted in the very same court house back in 1938.
Granny B and Eva have a very special bond.
It's truly a gift to me to watch them together.

We were all very happy about this day. 

We are a family of 6...(almost) 
Little boy Fox will be here in February.
or January.
Whichever God decides.
The Doctor's can't seem to make up their mind. ;)

Our workers & judge were amazed by all the people that showed up for Eva's day.
Quite possibly the biggest adoption day they have seen. :) 
That is our church family. 
That is how Eva likes to do things.
GO BIG or go home.