That time of year I crave.......

It's that time of year..... The year where my heart longs for something MORE. Where my heart starts beating faster and I am looking around to see what is causing this anxiety or this reaction.....

I can't find it.

One day at a time... I tell myself. I *tend* to be that girl in the "life" buffet line(I'm in a foodie family- bear with this analogy) that PILES on everything to one plate..... By the time I am back to my seat---- I am not even hungry.... So I don't get the food I need to eat....... Because it is covered by all the doubts, thoughts, distractions, worries,  not as important "food groups"...... 

& I leave... Still craving.... Craving Simplicity. 

Here I sit.... Quietly listening to God tell me what I need to put back, put on the shelf, pull out from the back & let it be in the front of the line........

What about you? Do you crave simplicity? What is God telling you to cut out? 


  1. Beka, I am feeling this so strongly in my life right now. I wonder if its that my kids are making me see how fast it all goes by and I want to focus on the little things more. All the extra stuff seems to complicate life. I'm right there with you sister!


  2. oooh! love everything about this!

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    love, rach.


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