a small thought for today.

I have been going through so many pictures & files lately that my head is on overload, but my heart is full. I love pictures for that very reason... they take you back. They have so many memories JAMMED into one shot. I can remember in some of them what I was feeling when I took that picture.... What my kids said in that moment..   I do believe that time travel exists...  Just take a look in your pictures.

Walking through memory lane got me thinking about how FAST this life is going.... how fast my babies are growing..... Zach & I celebrate 5 years of marriage this August. I know. I know. We are still newlyweds. I just cannot believe that we have 5 years under our belt..... F I V E

I have always said that having Tristan made me A LITTLE more adventurous. O-kaaay. It really made me WATCH him be adventurous....... it made me LET HIM be adventurous.... He is only 3. SO I HAD to step up my game & head on out on an adventure with him.

I started thinking the other day about living for TODAY... you never know what choices you are making TODAY that will effect your TOMORROW. PA R E N T I N G . yep. i said it. EVERYTHING we do today...effects our kids tomorrow.

Choose wisely.
Your words you speak. (something i struggle with....i'm learning. )
I only have a little time with my children before they head on out of our house.
WE, as parents, have one chance to teach them that TODAY matters.

SO what new adventure are we off to do today?
What special moment will you share with your kid?

What will you speak into someones life?

Is it time to write an apology to someone?

If it time to FORGIVE and move past it.

Is it time to LOVE?

Show LOVE. Speak LOVE. HEAR love. Choose love.



  1. Hey there lady! Love your blog!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!!! :)


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