Be still.

We have had the bug in our house for the past week-ish. (don't you love when people add ISH to everything? I sure do. It gives the English language a whole new depth. As you can see, I am not the grammar police. How can I say that I am when I use the words.........

a little too much.
(you should see me use EMOJI's)

Moving on....

 There have been a hand full of times today where I have thought of these 2 words.

"be still."

Here is where my heart is.

Books. Edit pictures. Watch a movie that is something other than Disney or... PIXAR. For the Love of JOEY AND ALL HIS FRIENDS...... anything with REAL PEOPLE............

But..honestly-truly ........... is that being "still?"

I was convicted today.
Convicted by the question...
HAVE I TAUGHT MY KIDS how to be still?
To not have an electronic in my hands......
or on my lap or at my desk.....

But something that is ENGAGING us to come together and to BE STILL together?

The girls were trying to catch up on some much needed sleep from being so sick...
It was Tristan and myself.
So we laid down on Livia's couch.....
We talked. laughed.
ya know.
we stayed in one spot. 
BREATHED in each other's company.....

there is something always to learn in this life. I will never have it all together, no matter what my good hair day tells me.
I sure enjoy learning all these new things.....
Another reason to blog.
To enjoy the process. 

He wanted to hold up "3" because he is 3. obviously. 

We are still in recovery tonight, but all babies are asleep. 
at the same time.
*heavens angels are SAAAANGin" 

Practice tomorrow to BE STILL.
I mean, after all... It's Sunday. 


  1. So true my friend.. SO CONVICTING (ouch) but I will accept the challenge..... maybe... LOL

  2. yes, yes, it is true. i have said i love a lot of bloggers! BUT YOU MY FRIEND ARE MY FAVORITE BLOGGER!!! And i actually KNOW YOU!!! LOVE YOU FRIEND!

  3. Hi there!
    Just came across your blog and it's beautiful! So inspiring, just what I needed to read today. Thank you:)


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