I've been very convicted lately. 
That tends to happen when I've been doing good with reading His word & praying.
instead of listening to worship.......and talking to HIM. 
i read this a couple weeks ago...

Conviction fell.

Luke 18:1
"Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray & not give up."

Perseverance. Something this gal doesn't have......... at all.   I tend to be an American. I want the answers right here and right now when it's taking a TAD bit too long. If it's taking longer than I want... I speed ahead...honk my horn...... or just be lazy and stop all together.
Maybe this is why I don't like to work out?

Beka + Perseverance = 0.

We begin to look to the Lord for something, raising all of our petitions for a day, week, MONTH(if we are lucky)..... but when we don't RECEIVE anything..... we quickly give up and STOP praying all together.

Well, If we look in the Bible and see what Jesus says about PRAYER. I don' t know if y'all are aware of this, but..... Jesus talks A LOT about it. :) I love to read. I mean, it's a JOY of mine to sit and read. probably too much.

I read this.

"Giving up in prayer is a mistake with deadly consequences and is simply a TRAP where we begin many things but never see them completed." *GULP* It leads to ruin in EVERY area if out life. People  who start something  without ever praying it THROUGH TO a SUCCESSFUL conclusion form the same habit in PRAYER......................................"

As I pick myself up off the floor to finish this post...

TO all the
"Prayer" is rattling me to my core.

We must Trust. Wait. & PERSEVERE until the prayer has been answered.
Trust- Trusting is more than letting go... it's about letting HIM take control.
Waiting-----> WAIT at God's PROMISE until He meets you there, for HE always returns by the path of HIS promise.
Persevere--->Until you SEE & hold that promise! PRAY. HARD and often!!


  1. Found your blog through IG - and I can already tell your blog will be an awesome place to come for encouragement! I'm your newest follower. :)

    Such a great truth! And you're exactly right! Jesus talks about prayer so often... Paul really stresses it too. I think too often, we overlook the power of it because we don't SEE anything. Totally agree with you there.

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It will definitely touch others like it did me. :)



  2. beautiful reminder! I definitely need to work on my prayer life harder in the new year! thanks for sharing what's on your heart! :)


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