Redirecting my Focus.

I have many issues I need to work on. One is MY focus.

So many times I can look towards the negative.....

I have negative thoughts always coming in my mind. I have to CHOOSE to quiet my mind and bring in life by reading His word!

So tonight.
Look around your "world" .....& notice 5 wonderful, good, & LIFE giving things that are in your life right now!!! !

What are they?

1. My husband.
2. My healthy children!
3. God is sovereign!
4. Miracles happening around me!
5. Scripture!

Focus on what matters!
Redirect your thinking.
Choose to live different!
Choose to think different than the world!


  1. This is the second blog I"ve read tonight about CHOOSING JOY and THANKFULNESS no matter what the circumstances are. I love that God is dropping me these reminders especially after a night with a bit of a rotten attitude. Thanks for this Beka... I needed this reminder.

    My 5 Life Giving Things:

    1. A beautiful bloggy Christian community that keeps me grounded and fills my mind with truth!
    2. My beautiful KIDS that light up my life.
    3. My husband whose love I don't deserve!
    4. My sister and best friend who is a constant for me.
    5. My Jesus who is so gracious to me!

  2. This is so great...I have my moments too but we have so much to be thankful for!


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