Dreaming of being a kite chaser.

Growing up in a good home that encouraged REALITY & dreaming, I never was looked down upon for dreaming. 
Maybe in my dreaming of being a super model....but even then, I was just smiled at and I'm sure my dad laughed at me when he was away...... because the sight of his face when I told him I wanted to be that...
well, I knew it wasn't going to happen.

When I was 8....I had a dream birthed into my heart. 
A dream that was not the common 8 year old dream
That dream was to adopt one day.
I looked at my mom and said, 
"I'm going to adopt one day."
Later, My momma told me that of all her kids I was the one to say random things like that..
"I want to adopt."
"I want to give my organs if I ever got in an car accident."
*I can remember HER face when I said, "YES" after I passed my driver's test...the lady asked.
"Would you like to be a donor?"

Adoption has always been part of me. 
Even as a young child.
Just like different examples in the Bible of men and women that were called at a YOUNG age.
Adoption has always been a calling on my life, a dream in my heart, & a way of worship.

My friend, Rae, has a new dream that God has given her.
She wants YOU to begin to dream.
Some of us women have dreams.
Some of us can dream easy.
Some of us have to be PUSHED to dream.
Some of us need a hand to hold while chasing our dreams.
Which is why...
is a must.
The Kite Project is a place where we can come TOGETHER as women & DREAM together! 

My dream is so close to being a reality.
I can't go into details, but I can say.....

(S/O to my friend Amanda..hiiii) 

What dreams do you have?
Will you join in this PROJECT?

Join women like YOU...dreaming...
CHASING after 1 dream. 1 God. 1 purpose.



  1. Woman, I love your heart. Can I tell you how excited I am to see your dream come to fruition. Oh my goodness. I'm SO glad to know you. SO glad. <3

  2. what a beautiful season for dreams to come true!

  3. So excited to see dreams come true with you! :)

  4. I love you and want you to know what a blessing you are to me! Thanks for being there always for my random late night texts and always giving me your honest opinion! Keep Dreaming beautiful one and in my heart, you area SUPER MODEL! ;)


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