What the weekend taught me.

This past weekend I got to go to Des Moines for a girls weekend. As I was driving there by myself.....I was praying A LOT. Praying that God would draw me closer to HIS side. That I would get past this dry spell & see the BIGGER picture... see the GREAT VIEW... That I would SEE WHY I'm in this season.
God gave me a word for 2012 back in November 2011.

It's..............  Harvest.

I believe that WORD is coming. SO much is going on in our family. So many dreams are RIGHT THERE. I'm waiting on HIM to give me the GO AHEAD & I will LEAP!

There were so many good quotes from this weekend.
1 that is sticking with me

is this........

"Never let yourself get too HIGH or too low."

How TRUE is that? If I was tweeting that right now, I would HASHTAG it #truth. #boom. #INYOFACEheart

I mean... Let's be honest...
WE..........as WOMEN.............have a HIGH.........low.......... about every day........hour............minute
(if it's that time of the month...or week......or hour........or second.OK.moving on..............................)

We are emotional. We can cry at the sight of an old couple walking hand in hand down the street. I mean. THE WATER WORKS ARE FLOWING. We get OFFENDED if someone doesn't text us back. We get UPSET when we aren't invited to the local coffee shop. We get mad at our husband for being late. I mean. really, beka... oh wait.. this isn't a journal.


Before you get all upset...... ;) (which would prove my point exactly)

It says in the Bible that "TAKING OFFENSE is a form of pride."

When I read that. i. was. on. the. floor. weeping. for. forgiveness.
Let me tell you something.... I use to be the QUEEN of taking offense to things. I struggle DAILY with it.

So... Look at your heart right now.
Look at this past week.
OR DAY.(if you have a memory like me)
What "offense" did you have?
What bitter root started to form?

This blog is not a place for me to come and act like it's my best FRIEND & go on and on and on and ON about what I wore or what I am doing this very second....
 It's a place where I come to CHALLENGE myself & share with you what GOD IS TEACHING ME and my family.
& that my friends...........

This past week I had some stuff "come out" that people were saying about me and my husband. again.
What did I do?
I failed.
i cried.
took offense.
planted bitterness in my heart.
wanted to leave the ministry again.
move to the jungle.
not joking. ask my bff Meghan, how many times I have text her that.
"moving to the jungle"

God showed up this weekend at Ladies Alive.

"Don't let yourself get too HIGH or too low." 

Jeremiah says..."the heart is deceitful above all things... IT IS BEYOND CURE(serious.), WHO CAN UNDERSTAND IT?"

You know what that says in the beka version? (which is pretty radical)


I live around a lot of farm land, so that means.......farmers. :) (Shout OUT to them.WOOP WOOP!)

These past 2 months they have been OUT IN THE FIELD CONSTANTLY........ALL I SEE are 2 -4 tractor "thingys" out there 'round the clock.(iowa girl=no farm talk)

What are they doing?


Are you preparing for the next season by the way you are talking? by the way you are walking? What SEEDS are you planting in your life right now? What seeds are you planting in your husbands life right now? BITTERNESS? HURT FEELINGS? discontentment? Unforgiveness? Anger?



Before you watch this video........
WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE? Admit it, we are made of FLESH, but something GREATER.........OH, SO GREATER is DEEP INSIDE OF US......... IT IS MADE FOR A DIFFERENT WORLD. HOW GLORIOUS is that?!?!?!!?!

I've decided that I am going to CHANGE my words. Change the way I see/view things. Change my thoughts.  AND THAT BEGINS from DEEP INSIDE..... I need to change my HEART.... change my EMOTIONS... I don't care what others say about me. WHY? Because it's non of my business, RIGHT CHRISTY? ;) (she said that to me a long time ago and it's.......a favorite thing to say to myself now!)

What's something you want to change about yourself this year?

SO. let's live like it! 


  1. Awesome!! Thanks girl... Its SOOO nice to be in the land of the blogging again. My hiatus was nice, but its time to move on. SO thankful we always kept in touch though

    1. THANK YOU FRIEND! I feel the same way! xoxo!

  2. The comment about women getting offended because of a pride issue hit home with me. I'm pretty frequently upset with my boyfriend because he is late or didn't text me when I thought he should have, or whatever else the case may be. Next time, I hope to remember this, and not be prideful about the issue, but take some time to calm down instead.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, and for such a great post!

    1. It's a daily struggle for me! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! :)

  3. Beka, truly a post I needed to read. I love the application and question, "What are we sowing for tomorrow?" Wow. Truly something I NEEDED to read and apply in my life. Thank you for being open and used!!! I LOVE YOU a bushel and a peck... (farm girl terms, right??) ;)

  4. Beautifully said and shared from your heart! I think Maya Angelou said it first " ain't your business what people think of you":)) So here's to us minding our own business & striving to live with purpose and joy Cheers!!**:)

    1. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND. :) You are beyond words! XOXO

  5. Loved this!:)) Cheers to us on minding our own business pressing towards the mark with purpose and joy!!:)


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