since i'm being honest....

I get ugly when I don't have my alone time with Jesus. 

& that day....
was yesterday.
(or was it the day before?) 

here. we. go. 

We live in a fast food nation. We want things done and going OUR WAY right. this. second. 
If they don't, we throw a fit, sit and cry, & let the flesh cry out.


We don't want to sacrifice. we don't want to feel hurt. we don't want to NEED. we don't want to be where we are at. we don't want to do this because we saw someone on Instagram/facebook be there. we want to be this size because this person is that size and looks great!


I remember hearing this little gem of a quote....

"The grass is always greener on the side of the fence that WATERS it the most."

face. palm.

So are you telling me that I have WORK FOR PEACE OF MIND? TO LOVE MY ENEMY? TO ACTUALLY FORGIVE THAT PERSON? TO move on? To read my bible EVERY DAY? To pray when I am a crank-o? 

God then spoke into my heart and said... "Yep... Simple acceptance of MY WILL is the KEY to Divine Revelation. It will result into both Holiness & Happiness." 
(if you don't have the devotional GOD CALLING or IN THE DESERT, get them!" 

God spoke into my heart this evening as I was preparing to write on this blog.

Zach and I are entering into a new season of life. I am entering a new time with Jesus. Friends, I've been going through quite a dry spell these past couple years. I've felt attacked, wounded, & left.

These past 8 months have been life changing, but NOT without it's challenges.

Zach preached Wednesday night & my eyes were opened to a whole new level......
 (sidenote: find a BIBLE believing church that has wednesday  night services....and GO! THey are a GOD SEND!) 

My life is being restored. God is coming to me in a new way. Zach and I are "home-building"....

WE ARE Building up a SOLID FAITH for our children....for our discipleship program... for our church.
Are you home building tonight?
or are you dwelling on the negative?
Who is surrounding you?
people full of bitterness and anger?
Change the way you look at things...
Yep. It will take a sacrifice.....
but trust. Trust HIM to the end. 
Take time with Jesus.
Let him heal your heart.
Let him heal your family.
He sees. 


  1. My prayers are with you, B. Thanks for teaching ME by sharing what He is teaching YOU!

    and oh my goodness... those kids. sooo adorable!!

  2. So happy to be following your blog now! I am in the process of finding a new church because I have been feeling deprived of true spiritual growth! Thanks for this post!

  3. Change the way you look at things! Just what I needed to hear. Thanks for your awesome insight B!

  4. Hi there. I wanted to stop by and follow. This was a beautiful post. I loved it.

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  6. Love this and love you girl.

  7. I really, really love you.

    Your heart. Your passion for Jesus. Your honesty..Your photography... etc etc :)

    Emailing you this week, love you so much!

  8. I love your blog!! thanks for being such an encouragement :)


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