I am a simple person.
I can be complicated at times, but for the most part.... simplicity is key.
I can over think things. I can over cook things. I can get emotional on things.

But for the past 3 years.... SIMPLICITY has been on my mind.

We are looking to sell our adorable home & move into something "bigger" for our growing family. (nope. not pregnant!) Superman and I are looking on finding something that we can live in forever....or for a very loooong time!

Simplicity is key in this stage of life I am not entering...

Makeup---> Eyeliner, Mascara, lipstick/gloss.

Clothes---> anything comfy.

Words--> only if necessary.

Social Media---> only what encourages me.

Parenting---> Grace. always.

Simple TRUTHS for this rainy Tuesday.
God always has a MASTER plan. Trust in HIM. He will fight for you. He will work everything out. He knows what you are asking for....seeking for... looking for.... He knows. He sees. He has the answer.

I love this season we are in. Fall..... A season of THANKFULNESS.

What are you thankful for?


  1. i'm thankful i get to see a lot of family this weekend. love your decorated pumpkins!

  2. 5 Things I'm Thankful For:
    -clear hair elastics
    -God's grace
    -the cool weather
    -allergy medicine

  3. I was gonna do the 5 things too ;)

    I am thankful for you Beka!
    My Family loved the dinner I made!
    Cooler weather!
    Mercy of my Father!


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