A promise. [part 1]

Has God given you a PROMISE?
A promise that you have deep within your soul?

He has within my heart. 
But on this earth.....our attention can go this way and that way. Not staying focused on the PROMISE God has placed in our hearts.........

God placed a FAMILY in my heart.
A family that HE was in charge of.

What promise has GOD given you?

A ministry?
A GOD GIVEN talent to be used?
a son?
A husband?
a love story that is ONE TO BE TOLD?
An adoption?
A missions trip?

A promise is something we should be reminded daily.
Yes. I'm talking about painting a RAINBOW on our heads so we can be reminded of HIS PROMISE to us...

i want this book for christmas. Gwyneth knows what she's talking about!!!

But in this world.... we are told to SECOND GUESS EVERYTHING.

WE are not part of this world. Oh sure, we are here for a greater purpose...but our SOULS.... DEEP INSIDE OF US have dreams and PROMISES that are to be done. :) 
Zach is truly a promise fulfilled in my life. I've always wanted someone like him. I always thought about my future husband in high school. But once again I was distracted by other guys or situations....etc. 

Until my 1st year in Master's Commission.... did I begin to truly pray for Zach. I began to speak LIFE into my prayers towards him. WHATEVER he might be doing, going, & seeing. 
I wrote countless journal entries for this guy. :) And you know what? That's one of the FRUITS I am now seeing. Zach can look at my journal and KNOW what he was doing at that time.... and he knows...that his FUTURE WIFE was praying for him. 

God saw what I wanted & gave me what I needed.
& that my friends,
is Zach.

I pray that you feel encouraged today.
Don't quit praying.
Don't quit seeking GOD.
Don't GIVE UP on your quest to help others.
DO NOT forget your PROMISE.

Rainbows on your forehead.
remember. ;) 



  1. love this. great reminder that i needed. thank you.

  2. Oh my! perfectly, what, i, needed, to hear, RIGHT NOW! A-to-the-MEN!


  4. LOVE this!! So needed to hear these beautiful words today friend! Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,



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