words + more

They have the power to make you happy.
like a QUEEN.

If not, I would say READ IT! 
You will learn so much about your spouse 
& Don't forget your children! :)
The word -FAITH- has REALLY been coming up lately in my conversations, devotions, phone calls, etc. 

I read this little jewel this AM

"Lord, Give me the gift of FAITH to be renewed and shared with others each day. Teach me to live this moment, looking neither to the past with regret, nor the future with apprehension. Let LOVE be my aim and my life a prayer."

& this my friends is the part that IF I were to tweet this I would hashtag it.......... #boom
Those words spoke such GREATNESS into my heart. I hope it encouraged you this AM! 
I love words. i really do. 
back to the love language book....
Obviously, My love language is WORDS.
Yes. I love a goooooooood gift every now in then, but my favorite is when someone sends a card, letter, TEXT MESSAGE, or email...or...HEY! even leaves a comment! *cough* 

Lately, I've been IN LOVE with these prints from the this ADORABLE shop 

When I am doing dishes or laundry or EDITING PHOTOS I love to look at my walls and SEE beautiful words of encouragement or wonderful reminders! As women & Christian's we NEED to be encouraged/reminded ALL.THE.TIME that we are loved & give that little BOOST to get through our day with CLASS! I believe words have the power to change your day! so choose wisely friends.... 

MEET Carly. Isn't she Gorgeous? You can find her
here & here She has a beautiful blog that I just recently have began to .....stalk! *COUGH COUGH* 

 Here are some of my favorites! 

I know. You are in LOVE by now.....So head on over to her adorable shop.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

winner of the stuffed piggieeeee.....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

WOO-HOO to Emily! You won the STUFFED piggie! I've sent you an email! 


  1. ..... I didn't win the pig... However.. winning this giveaway might work to ease the emotional devastation I am facing...... ;)

  2. i'm totally digging that "but first, coffee" print. i'm even drinking my coffee right now.

  3. I am having a really hard time deciding which print is my favorite, because I'm in love with about 10 of them! Such great prints. I favorited the shop for future reference - ya know, just in case I don't actually win... :)

    1. I had a very VERY hard time..... but then I thought about my life. :) AND WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR from her work! LOL!

  4. Ahh... I WANT want WANT "I have Loved you for a thousand years" on my wall. :) What a good reminder! xx

  5. Girl you are so wise, I can't get over it!! ;) You really are a gem and I love you!
    Wow, this shop is amazing - thanks for sharing it. I adore the coffee print... but also love the Proverbs 31 one as well!

    1. Thank you for always being so sweet and encouraging.

  6. I am totally agreeing with you and totally loving those prints!!! <3 Making me want to go on a painting spree for my room ;) It's so true about surrounding ourselves with encouragement. Living in that, daily. Thanks for the reminder <3 :)

    1. :) YES. We all need to be ENCOURAGED ---> & that my friend... is what you do to me! THANKS!

  7. My favorite is the Home is Wherever I'm With You print, so gorgeous!!


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