September is my FAVORITE.
It is not only my Birthday MONTH, but it's the beginning of change. 
Fall is on it's way.
Football is in full swing.
It's the month I became a momma! 

This month is OBVIOUSLY a favorite of mine, so why not make it "A month of Beka's Favorites in her favorite MONTH!" 
too many words for you young folk out there?
Thought so.
So- Let's just call it

"Beka's Favorite Things." 

As many of you know, ETSY is my playground. 
No seriously, I love it so much, I'm making it a GOAL to only buy CHRISTMAS presents from there for my kids. 
Yeah. I'm cool like that.

I was joyfully scrolling along in my ETSY world & THERE. SHE. WAS.
*cue Madonna's "who's that girl" music...* 

Kelsey Bang's ETSY SHOP. 



I am a SUCKER for handmade STUFFED ANIMALS and dolls & all things NEATO!

I knew that I NEEDED to have Kelsey's Creations on my blog in September! 

I may or may not have these marked for CHRISTMAS gifts for people.
You may or may not be one of those people.
Act surprised.

 & my personal favorite.......

Are you ready for the most amazing news since Jennifer Anniston's Engagement?

1 LUCKY lady will WIN
this beautiful

If you aren't jumping up and down... or scrolling to the bottom of the screen to see what you have to do to ENTER this FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! 
Look down here at what OTHER creation's she has! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Rafflecopter for making life so much easier!
I love America!

If you don't want to enter... but still want to comment! FILL FREE!

Which is your favorite item of Kelsey's listed?
What do you love about Fall?


  1. Those bow ties are the cutest things ever! Love her shop! Christmas shopping in September?? LOVE. XO

  2. Oh, super cute! Love the elephants and the ruffled purses... can't decide which would be my favourite. Maybe she should make ruffled elephants? Lol... :D

  3. So cute! Adorable elephants - and I kinda wish there was a man in my life that I could give those bowties to. lol

  4. *Oink.. Oink..* oh, excuse me.. ;) hehehe. The elephants, the piggies, & the bow ties.. Looooooove! Think Al would go for a Bowie..? ;)

  5. seriously so cute! loving the chevron elephants :)

  6. Um, obviously I would buy the polka-dotted penguin! Amazing!!!

  7. I guess the polka-dotted penguin doesn't exist anymore?! Sad day. But I also like the little piggies a lot too, I guess...

  8. So CUTE! There are many things I loive about fall!

  9. Oh my goodness, stop the cuteness! :) I adore that chevron fabric!!

  10. What a CUTE shop!! and great giveaway:)))

  11. That's easy! I would order my husband and boys matching bowties in the cream, navy, red diamond unique pattern. So awesome!

  12. I love EVERYTHING!!! She is SOOO TALENTED!!

  13. Oh my! I absolutely love the elephant!


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