I can remember my favorite birthday party.
I was 7, turning 8. 
My favorite Auntie Lois planned the games & my mom made me the best birthday cake.
Funfetti with PINK frosting & sprinkles.
I can remember I wore my favorite 101 Dalmatians outfit.
I had my hair in 1 pigtail on the top! 
I was so happy!

Oh, the memories of BIRTHDAYS! 
which brings me to my new "thing" for 

30 in 30.
There are 30 days in September....in case you didn't know! 

OH & I am turning 26 on the 19th of this month. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
(i'll forever be 17 in my mind) 

My blog.

Will be celebrating by me, b*, sharing with y'all 30 of my favorite things.
Yes. I know. I know. I am excited to share too. 
They more than likely will not be done/blogged about every day, but you bet your bottom dollar that they will all be MODGED PODGED together!

Now, Since we have all gathered to talk today.
I thought I would share my favorite things right now.......

Seeing all the beautiful pictures on Instagram about the #encourageblogswap
If you haven't mailed your package out, or heard from your pen pal.
Please EMAIL ME! (I can be your pen pal, or INVESTIGATE!) 
Thank you so much!


I love clean pinboards.
Yes. I said it.
If you aren't on PINTEREST, well, 


I love and adore THIS particular board.

I want THIS for Tristan & Livi-love! 

I want this for their bedroom! 

What do you love best about Birthday's? 
Do you have a favorite Birthday Party you remember having?


  1. Friend! You are gorgeous. I love that pic of ya :)
    I love that we're almost the same exact age, and I love your heart. Hugs!

    PS - thank you for sharing the "Moments with Love" writer on Instagram. I've sat for the last few nights crying & reading her amazing heart and story!

    1. THanks sweet Erin! Your package is on it's way! I hope you feel encouraged and Loved b/c you are! :)


  2. I too love birthdays! The H doesn't understand why I make SUCH a big deal out of everyone's birthdays, but I love them & all they stand for!!! It's that one special day out of the year, that's just YOURS! For people to celebrate you! I love it! PS - beautiful picture!!! Those waves are to die for! XO

    1. GIRL! You celebrate that birthday! :) Thanks for writing to me!

  3. oh funfetti! how can that not be a favorite? love your post! here from Paulina's blog actually... love what i've read so far!

    1. WELCOME! :) Thank you so much! Paulina is a sweetheart! :)

  4. my package is mailing out tomorrow :) I left for Canada right after we exchanged names. I think my person also left town for a bit, so we are on the same time table. love how that works out. Anyhoooo.....

    i adore planning birthday parties for my kids...I'm a December 30th baby so birthdays weren't exactly celebrated with friends and parties growing up...so I am making up for it with my own kidlets ;) and it's fun!


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