All I need.

This week started out in a whirlwind and ended in a perfect fall day. So much happening! It went from sad & frustration- to excitement & laughter. 

My heart & mind are all over tonight. Can I be honest? I can? Awesome.

One thing I "deal" with daily is fear.
Fear of failing. Fear of people not liking me. Fear of letting go. Fear of this bad world. Fear for my kids. Fear of not being me. Fear of disappointing someone. Fear of bad situations. Fear of insecurities overtaking me.

Every day I fight with fear. My mind is a battlefield..... A place where I know I need to stand my ground or I will be knocked right down on my back with ONE FULL SWEEP!

Here's the short story.....

My fear = lack of trust.

I don't trust Jesus with everything.
I don't trust him with our future.
I am weak in this area....
I fail miserably in this area. TRUSTING THAT GOD WORKS EVERYTHING OUT...... Even when we aren't in the best spiritual walk.....Even when we mess up.

He. Has. A. Plan!

I go on "kicks" all the time with music. I rarely ever listen to anything but worship music....(DEFINITION: brings God's presence-soooo! Yes! Whitney counts!!!)

Lately,(past 4 months) all I've listened to is.... My girl, Rita Springer!

She sings this song....

All I need to do is worship.

All I need to do is say His name out loud.
All I need to lift my hands in Surrender.... & bow down.

I wonder if this is too long of a phrase to get tattooed on my BACK? Ankle? Wrist? Forehead? Finger? Wherever I would see it most.....

Learning to trust in Jesus. I have a "situation" right now where I have to to trust. It's WAAAAY out of my control. Which brings me back to the time I was falling in love with Superman.....

I felt inadequate to marry him.
Why would HE pick me?
So many girls love him?
How would I be good enough?

But then, I heard Jesus say..."trust me and let go"

So I did.

I let ZACH go & I truly thought that was the end.....

Oh, but then came something so magical!
So real.
So rare.
So raw.


real, raw, rare Love comes after trust.

So in this "situation" I am choosing TRUST!!!

Trusting Him.
Trusting Jesus and loving every moment.

Do you struggle with trusting people? God? In what areas?


  1. Thank you for writing this. I just started following and this is exactly the post I needed to see this morning. God thing!

    Yes, I absolutely do struggle with that. I am a control freak and I have the hardest time letting go of my plans. Letting my husband lead, letting God lead,...all of it. And I can see it makes me someone I don't like to be, but it is so hard for me to let it go.

    Thanks for reminding me this morning to just TRUST.

  2. Bleh. I hate fear too. Pops its little head up in little and big areas of trust for me too, just when I least expect it. I always have to remember perfect love casts out fear and to lean not on my own understandings. God is always good. Now, to only trust that. Love ya girl. Let's be friends :)

  3. i struggle with letting go of things and trusting God and other people. it creates a lot of unneeded stress in my life. i need to figure out how to let go and let God be in control. great post.

  4. LOVE this blog post! And i love the pic of the tote with feet sticking out:) such a precious family!

  5. LOVE this blog post, the pic with the feet sticking out of the tote, and your precious family! oopoooooooohhhh and the HONESTY:) love! Manda


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