The power of love.

So many exciting things going on around here.
Master's Commission is about to start up.
School is starting.
FALL is around the corner.
Floyd Gospel Sing.

Zach & I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss on August 9th! 
Right after he asked me to marry him... 
I still get butterflies when I think about what he said & how IN SHOCK I was. 
Maybe, I will tell my Engagement Story for a later post.. :)
yes. i shall!

What did we want to do to celebrate our 4 year?
Got a babysitter & went off to Barnes & Noble. 
When he lived in Kansas City & I had moved home already....
We use to meet at the half way point to read, drink Starbucks, & plan our future when we were dating/engaged. 

Something you all should know about my Superman...
He is anointed when he preaches God's word.
he shared about counterfeit 
The story is like this....

"There was a woman that worked at a bank & she had a guy come in and hand her a 100 dollar bill....
She knew right when she touched & saw it that it wasn't real....
She called the police 
they came & BOOM...
The guy was put into jail because he was the TOP COUNTERFEIT money maker in the US."
The TV interviewer asked the woman...
"How did you know it was counterfeit? Did you study the fake ones and see the differences?"
The woman smiled and said, "I've never studied the fake money prints, I've only studied the REAL money prints.... that's how I know it's REAL!"

How GOOD is that to apply in our walk with God?

We are not given an example to follow... We are trying to be pulled in the WRONG direction.

Movies & TV shows coming this fall are beyond words....

We are filled with how we should dress, look, act, what we should be okay with.... 
what we should NOT take a stand in....what size we should be....
& the list goes on and on...

We were given an example... 
A perfect example to follow......
A raw...real...genuine....humble example to follow.
Do not be fooled by these examples.
They are all counterfeits. 

don't fall for the counterfeit love story.

for the married ladies.
Stand up for marriage. Not just your marriage, but for the marriage God intended.

Stand up for what you know is TRUE.
Stand up for Love.
Stand up for Truth.
Stand up for Justice. 
Stand up for what is RIGHT for your family.

Moving on... :)

I am BLOWN AWAY by all the emails & comments I have received about this!
People I didn't know even READ my blog. YIPPEEE! 

If you want to join YOU CAN!
Email me! or comment below!


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! It sounds like you both had a sweet day together. I'll anxiously be waiting for that engagement story. :)

    1. You are so sweet! Just received your email. :) Writing you back soon!

  2. LOVE this Beka! So glad you commented on my blog so that I found yours! I would love to be a part of the snail mail challenge:) i'll email you now! love Katie

    1. KATIE! we would love to have you along! :) YAYYY!

  3. Congratulations on 4 years! You guys are adorable!!

  4. YES YES YES AMEN sister!! I love you sweetie excited by all god is doing in your guys life:)


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