Our Engagement Story.

I SHOULD  could be cleaning my floors right now.
I SHOULD could be rearranging Tristan's room. (it's a 1x a week thing here, an obsession of mine really!) 

But I am here by request & honestly....
My engagement Story is one to be told!! Zach is the MASTER of SURPRISE & planning OUTRAGEOUS dates and etc. He is Superman like that... 

Mr. & Mrs. Fox!

We started dating April 11, 2007.
We had been "waiting & praying" to date for 3 months. (torture, but GOD gave me a solid case of WHY I should marry him!) 
He even asked me to be his girlfriend all romantic like....
Zach had one of my friends act like she was having a MENTAL BREAKDOWN & I had to pick her up and drive her around to talk.
She asked me if we could go to her "prayer spot" & I said, "OF COURSE!"
WE pull up to a local Park & we pull over and I see people in her "prayer spot" (it was pretty far away..OH and in a complete HEAVENS ARE OPEN & rain is falling type of way!)
So, She says, "Do you care if you get wet? Man! Someone is in my spot! Oh well, Maybe they will leave if we go!" 
We start walking & I see someone playing the guitar and there is this hand built ARCH.....
I notice someone with a camera behind the BUSHES.........
I see Zach pop out...
& it hits me...
"IS HE asking me to be his girlfriend????"
He did.
I said, "Of course, DUH!" 
We started dating April 11, 2007. 
I was beyond excited & HAPPY.
A picture of the 1st DATE and of that night. We were DRENCHED, but decided to still go to Applebee's to CELEBRATE!

We dated from April 11-August 5.  5 months...ish.

On August 4.....Our best friends from Kansas City came to visit us. (didn't think anything of it) 
We were talking about rings and such. I even sent him with my BFF & her husband to his jeweler to look at rings.
 Zach being Zach came back and said, "There was nothing & he didn't have money to buy a ring right now!" 
I was "ok" but crushed on the inside. 
It was hard for us to be dating...everything is hard about dating.. DON'T get me wrong, but physically being 5 hours away from him & emotionally wanting him to be IN MY TOWN... was draining! 
That night of August 4th...
He planned for all of us to go out to the "pond" for a bon fire. 
Julia and I pack up and head on out there, but she said..."i have to have smore's, so let's go get some." Little did I know she was STALLING....should have known my little health nut friend wouldn't want a delicious smore! :) 
We pick up the deliciousness & head on out.
Once we get out there, the boys are no where to be found....
I see them down by the water, but there are CANDLES EVERYWHERE!
ALL OVER THE BEACH & all over the water!
(Zach was upset because most of them were not lit when I came...I say.. OH WELL!)  

We walk down the steep hill and I notice there is MUSIC playing... like my type of romantic music.... like GAVIN DEGRAW and all his goodness. . . . My brother is staring at me.... & Dave grabs Julia and heads out.... I sheepishly ask, "Where is everyone going?" Zach grabs my hand and says, "Tonight is about us!" 
I knew right then... HE LIED. HE does have a ring for me.... We are going to get Engaged.... TONIGHT! I am going to get the last name FOX...the name I've wanted to have since HIGH SCHOOL!" (not joking!) 

He leads me to the boat and we are sitting in the middle of the pond... It starts to rain.... & Zach is saying all these sweeeeeeet things, romantic things to me... about how he wants me to be his wife & all this beautiful JAZZ!!! I'm smiling HUGE on the inside and about to BURST into tears, but holding it together... or... trying! I finally ask him... "Babe, It's starting to rain... Is there something you want to give me?" 

Ladies, sidenote... don't do that. just enjoy the moment! 

Zach looks very sad and says, "Beka... I don't have a ring tonight to give you. I'm sorry!" 


I bite my cheeks and say, "OH! Zach! I'm sorry! I thought with all this you were trying to propose!" 

He smiles and says, "I just wanted to do something nice before I went back."

Well, It starts to rain cats and dogs and their kittens and their puppies. Me... being the fearless XENA Warrior Princess that I am ask.............. if we could leave before the pond turns into an ocean. 

Engagement Session with the best photographer.

We leave the pond & once again are allllllllll wet and messy! 
What do we love birds do?
We go for a walk in the rain..
Plan our future. 
But we don't mention the ring ever...again.
I go to bed that night thinking it was an amazing day, just so sad that there isn't a ring on my finger. 

The next morning.
August 5, 2007.
Sunday Morning.
The day Zach has to leave after church.
I get up and put on my dress.
I shake off all the stupid girl & I'm out the door...heading to church with my family and LOVE!
My dad preaches about marriage.
Nothing abnormal. 
Totally normal for my church.
My mom and I lead worship.
Julia and Dave are in the front row.
My Aunt Lois is in the back video taping the whole thing.
A totally normal SUNDAY at my church!

My dad finishes the altar call and calls Zach up to the platform.
totally normal. "My dad is so sweet, he's going to pray for him before he leaves!" 
I start crying on the inside.
ZACH... has to leave.... again!!!
Thinking and saying this ALL on the inside....
Zach starts to speak....

"I think you all know how much I have come to love Floyd. You know my story & the dad I had growing up....I would like to thank Paul and Dixie for loving me like I was THEIR child. I love this church family, I love church, I know God has brought me here for a bigger purpose! I guess what I'm trying to say is.... I love Floyd so much that I'm going to have to take a little piece for myself..."

Zach starts to pull something from his pocket.... & grabs a shoe box....
& walks towards me on the stage. (i had just finished singing for the altar) 
CUE the audience GASPING and standing to their feet.

 & my mind went like this....

It hits me.
He did have a ring.
He punked me.
Why is my mom poking me & heavy whispering-

& that my friends.....

is how...

I got my YES.... 


  1. seriously! i cried my eyes out reading this...so, so sweet!

  2. that is like the best engagement story ever!! so sweet. and definitely made me cry, basically through the whole thing.

    1. Thank you EMILY! :) It truly was one of the best memories ever!

  3. Awwwww.....this is just so sweet! Very rarely do you get the actual engagement story, so I LOVE that you did this! Someday, I'm hoping and praying this happens for me. Thank you for giving up cleaning your floors and rearranging Tristan's room for US, your devoted readers. :)

  4. ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing sweet friend! I love to know how and where and why people got together. I think I just might share mine and P's story, thanks for the inspiration! Love you gorgeous! ;)

  5. At first I was like, "What? He didn't do it with the candles and the pond and the sweet things?! Dumb." And then I was like, "Ahhh! He did at church, with her family there, and it's all on video!! That's so cuuuute!!"

    Such a precious post. Thanks for sharing that :)

  6. Suchhhh an adorable story!!! Read the whole thing and loved it. So happy for you guys and I hope that this time of being engaged is so so so wonderful :)

  7. I love love love your story! It is so beautiful, and you encourage me to hold out the hero God has planned just for each of us. Following your blog now; thank you for commenting on mine. Can't wait to get to know you better! xoxo Rachael

  8. oh MAN that's just really beautiful. waiting for this is a little like torture but i'm trying to enjoy the time before all that happens. you have one sweet man!

  9. awwwwwwww SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You two!!! ahhhhh xoxoxxo

  10. Oh so sweet! I've been dying to know more of your story and I just loved everything about this. You two are gems, I tell ya. And what a precious story! I love the way he did it - so full of surprise! So sweet. Your hair is adorbs short :) And I just love that ring, sister! You two are a testimony of what a godly couple looks like - and I am thankful for you. Reminds me to continue waiting for the kind of romance God writes :) Just like yours!

    Love you!


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