love = CHANGE.

I am blown away. I have always loved the blog world & the wonderful Christian women I meet and get to email back & forth. I am forever addicted to Instagram & the friends I have met on there.

<---- This was me almost done.
Over 30 ladies decided to JOIN in on the #encourageblogswap

THE POWER OF LOVE & PUTTING OUT YOUR HAND to help one another & encourage one another in this LIFE.

In other news, I posted these 2 beaut's to my ETSY shop. I am trying to post more goodies in there. So, If you don't want to buy something...maybe your friend does?

I'm such an awesome saleswoman.

Remember how I've been staying up really late at night and working on HOOP ART? 
yeah. me too.... I made these 2 for some women that have encouraged me so...

Bethany for her BIRTHDAY gift. 
(I got her a smash book you have one?)

While I was out on a LADIES NIGHT...My friends Bethie & Leslie (i did that on purpose. why? because I'm funny naturally)

We were talking news................ok. Instagram.
Yes. We were talking about funny videos we saw & how Bethie doesn't have IG yet, because she has an old blackberry, blah blah blah... 
I told them that I made some new friends on there & I just feel so encouraged by the relationships God has placed in my path. I hope that every person that is on my IG feed leaves encouraged....refreshed... & maybe giggling? 

But with me... not at me....

Anyway, I would love to say THANKS to my 214 followers.

& to say THANKS...
I would love to GIVEAWAY a HOOP ART.
(because i may or may not have a pile already made!)

I'm obsessed, what can i say! :)

Do you want to win a custom made HOOP art by me?

Winner will be picked NEXT monday night!


  1. Yay! I don't have any hoop art!
    The Canfields

  2. You rock. And I have noticed your "obsession" ;) with IG! :) I too am hooked.

  3. Got your email this morning for my pen pal, and I'm so excited to get going on this little love project! Yay! :)

  4. Oh, and I've been following your blog for a few weeks, or maybe a month now...can't remember :)

  5. You inspired me here in KC. I'm glad I found your blog so I can keep being inspired by you!

  6. You inspired me while you were here in KC. Thanks for still inspiring me miles away!

  7. You inspired me here in KC. I'm glad I found your blog so I can keep being inspired by you!

  8. Still absolutely in love with your #encourageblogswap idea. I cannot wait to see the pictures on Instagram- you can bet I'm going to be checking that hashtag often! :)

    Your hoop art is just adorable. I love that hot air balloon one- too fun!

  9. I can't remember how long I've been's been awhile though :)

    And I love all your hoop art! I've even thought about learning :)

  10. I love your hoop art sweetie good job! I've been inspired to do a few myself but i haven't done any art designs on them their just so pretty to hang:) I'm so excited to start our pen pals encouragement thingy!!! God bless and have a great week:)

  11. Yay! I would LOVE some hoop art! I do feel very encouraged and yes, you make me giggle WITH you. You are a dear, xo

  12. I love your hoop is precious :) the little birdies are darling :)

  13. Beka, I'm so overdue to email or write you - you've been in my thoughts. I love that you've been encouraged by blog/IG world - it's incredible isnt it?!

    So much love to you and your incredible awesomeness! x

  14. Found your blog through coast to coast bloggers! Looks like we are neighbors! I think your blog is darling. What is the encourageblogswap thing? I'd love to join.


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