I thought today would be a good day for a post on what I've been liking/LOVING lately. 
I haven't done a post like this in a while, so.. I am sure you all have been waiting for it like the teen girls & their momma's are waiting for the new Breaking Dawn Movie. *cough* 

Moving on...

I've been spending quite of bit of time HERE.

Jennifer Aniston being ENGAGED. *Yes, I'm a fan!*

Going to the Library with my kids. 

Wanting to do this for Tristan & his friends. (his Birthday is on September 5)

Eternal Friendships.

Laughing at the TRUTH in this funny.

Meeting new friends on Instagram & Blog friends. 

Digging this hairstyle site

Dates with Superman. 

Loving this TRUTH

Speaking of projects, I want to do this

Because we all need something like this.

My Favorite Quote of the day.

"to send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart."
 phyllis theroux 

Speaking of that. 

Want to sign up for the SNAIL MAIL challenge?
I'm so thankful for all you beautiful ladies that are doing it!

Are you excited for Fall?
What's your favorite part?


  1. Omg. I love that glass room!! Ahhh

    1. Isn't it DREAMY WITH ALL THAT SNOW?!?!?!?!?!

  2. I want to join the snail mail challenge! My email is: halierenee88 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. My fav part of fall is that I can go outside and play and not sweat! lol I love the smells and crisp air, love the food and the clothes are way cuter! ;)

    Sign me up to Momma! cathyeddington@mac.com ;)

  4. I'm excited for fall... I almost lit a fall candle yesterday. :))


    1. WOOOOOOOO! Oh and I am serious about that 5k! :)

  5. You are just my favorite!! :) You're hilarious and so sweet and cute!!
    And we are so alike - I am so happy for Jen Aniston too, good for her!
    I'm thankful for your friendship, sweet girl.

    LOVE you!!!

    1. ERIN! You always make me smile with your comments! :) I love you and OUR FRIENDSHIP! So glad to have met you!

  6. I love the fall season! I have great memories of spending time in the library with my girls when they were little! Sweet times-enjoy!

  7. well i'm behind the times, because i'm finding out about jennifer's engagement from you! so thanks for keeping me in this century. ; )

    1. NO PROBLEM! :) LOL! I'm glad I can help you out!

  8. I am excited for fall!! It is my favourite season. I love the smell of fresh apple pie cooling on the window sill in the sweet fall air.
    I'm your newest follower! Visit if you have time!
    Connie from Sadieloohoo


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