For those who wait....

I've been talking about LOVE a lot on this here little blog-diggity.
And after looking through my photos....
I can see why.
(it's wedding/LOVE season)

Engagement Sessions. <3 

I had the honor of shooting this adorable Engagement Session.
Bryce + Jessica.

Bryce has been my long life best guy friend! 
Our families grew up together. He is like a brother.
Jessica started going to our church with her little boy, Ayden!(tristan's buddy!)

When Jessica & Bryce came over to tell Zach & I that they were Engaged... The whole house was in CELEBRATION! 

Bryce really loves Jessica. 
You can tell by the way he talks to her, looks at her... & just touches her!
There LOVE STORY is one to be told!

I am very proud of them & their commitment to each other. In a day like today, people tend to FORGET what COMMITMENT looks like. It's far more than a proposal, ring, & days planning the BIG DAY. 

It's what comes AFTER all of that.

Love is a powerful thing.
& through all the pain & tears & heartache this life can bring through relationships.
When you find THE ONE....
It's brings a stability in your life.
It makes you DREAM bigger.
It makes you excited.
It makes you content! 

It changes everything.
Bryce + Jessica are a darling couple that I cherish very much.
I know that they are meant to be & that God has placed them together. 
SO... I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for letting me be your photographer for the BIG DAY!
I love you both so much & I am excited for your future babies...(remember our deal?) 

I like it when my friends/clients laugh at me...
makes me feel funny...

Good things come for those who wait.
My friends....
YOU BOTH have found a 


What's your favorite photo from this post?
Comment below and LET me know!
For more b*pretty photos.


  1. Love the one of them sitting on the wooden platform with their backs toward the camera...too sweet. :)


    1. I LOVE that one too! :) Thanks for your COMMENT! XOXO!

  2. I love the one sitting on the dock with their backs to us! They are all beautiful though :)!

    1. Sweet friend! You are always so kind! <3

      THANK YOU!

  3. Okay I'm making a list for this one :)
    1. they are the cutest.
    2. I love her dress and shoes.
    3. my fav shot is the one of them in black & white looking at each other
    4. you are an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER, i cant even stand it ;)
    5. when (and IF!!! ;) the Lord brings my future husband, you are so doing my engagement shots (somehow we gotta make it work!!!)
    6. i love your words of encouragement - to the singles, dating, engaged, and married - you are so encouraging and speak TRUTH!
    7. LOVE YOU!

    1. Erin! This is one NICe and amazing comment! :) I love your LIST... b/c I do... I do really love LISTS !:D
      Oh and I am pretty sure that I would be able to fly out WHEN you get that man of yours. ;)



  4. Your photos are magical and I like them all! Heck, I like you! xoxo


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