Extra Shot for Monday.

There is nothing better than Love. 
What comes 2nd best to LOVE? 
Being loved.

I was able to shoot/attend a couple weddings this weekend. 
Love is so inspiring. 
Love can make 2 different states come together.
Love makes 2 families UNITE for a lifetime.

Love makes sisters cry tears of JOY.
Love brings CHANGE, which makes tears flow harder.....

Love brings a new look on LIFE!
Love brings HOPE.
Love brings truth.

Many times growing up I thought I was in love.
But the fact of the matter is...
I was in love with love.
I wanted to be loved. I wanted to love.
Because after all, 
we are human.
We were made to love & be loved.

When my single ladies or married ladies ask me..
"How did you know Zach was THE ONE?"

I always smile.
Because what I am about to say isn't what one might think.....
It's not what the movies tell you.
It's not what the Y.A. books write about....
it's something all together different.....

There was a stillness in my soul. 
God knew how to get my attention.... it wasn't through
(even though I still get those when he wears his jeans, grey shirt, & hat backwards with his bandana wrapped around his wrist!) *GASP*

It wasn't through 

It was in the stillness that I heard just that.
A quiet soul... a soul that wasn't out SEARCHING.... but just felt a solidness about her. I felt different....stronger... better....weaker....changed.

Zach doesn't let me just be "me"....
Zach helps me become "US".......

Oh, as the tears come down my face..... 
It feels so good to know that I let God take the pen to my story... & finish that chapter how HE wanted it to be. 

Hang tight. 
Your Superman is on his way.
Take heart & know that there are GOOD men left in the world!
How do I know this? 
Because there are women like YOU-on your knees----> PRAYING for them!

Prayers to you 
to the married women reading this.
May your heart be FILLED with love for your husband! 
May your wounds be healed & your eyes be revealed to HIS plan! 

Happy Monday.!


  1. Beka, you are such an encouragement! I can relate with every word you wrote. I think it's sad that our media has such an inaccurate view of marriage. God makes us one flesh and gives us an unconditional love for our spouse. The growing together can be so hard but so very worth it.


    1. I love you and your blog so much! THank you so much for writing this comment! You are so sweet! :)

  2. Okay you've done it again - made me CRY! ;) Girl, you have a beautiful heart. Reading this was just what I needed to hear tonight, seriously. I love what you wrote,

    "Oh, as the tears come down my face..... It feels so good to know that I let God take the pen to my story... & finish that chapter how HE wanted it to be."
    That is so precious and what I pray for. Thanks for sharing how you KNEW your man was "the one". Being single and dating is hard at times - this reminds me to wait for that peace which I know God will give when my man comes along :)


    1. Your man will be BLESSED to have you. You are a treasure! A blessing! A TRUTH! :)


  3. such a beAeweUtiful post!! i felt very much the same when i met my hubby!! it was that stillness in my soul- deep down...I knew he was the one! and yes, keep waiting it's SOOOOO worth it!!!

    1. I'm so glad we are with our SOUL mates. :D We are truly blessed. !!!

  4. So sweet...this warmed my heart. Thank you.

  5. This was beautiful. Many of the people around me are getting married and having babies and as a result my heart is just yearning from companionship. Your words gave me some comfort! Thank you so so much! xo, katlyn from hiddeninlove.com


    Found your blog through Erin's...totally a new follower of yours. :)


  7. LOVE this! After just getting over a heart break, I felt that I'd never find someone. But I realized I needed more of God and needed to focus my energy on my relationship with him. You have definitely encouraged me that someday I'll find that someone :)


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