DIY: Motherhood. {Part 2}

Raising my daughter, Livia MaeLyn Fox....

While raising a son has rocked my world.....
raising a daughter has questioned my foundation.
Ya see. I am a woman....a FEMALE. I thought raising a girl would be easy- peasy... 
Well, I know how it is to be a girl... their needs, wants, etc. 

Then God gave us Livia.
& she does JUST THAT.
She LIVES for adventure, freedom, her daddy, & her brother.
She will crawl, walk, run, & roll over Vixen to get near her dad and brother.
She lives for cuddles, kisses, & hugs, & WORDS of affirmation. 

Liv is definitely our treasure. She is such a prize in our every day life....

She lives to see her daddy any. time of day! :)
or night!

She loves to be on adventures with "Wix" & Tristan.
She hates when I leave the room. She doesn't like sleeping.(working on it) 

She thinks she is OH SO BIG and can "walk" (really run) anywhere. 

Being "Liv's mommy" is much more than me saying... "I have a daughter."
She is rocking me in so many different ways than Tristan did. 
She is making me feel INTIMIDATED to be her mom. 
"HOW did I have a girl that is rocking my world?"
Having a girl is suppose to be easy. because I am a girl, RIGHT? 

When i think of raising a girl... the terms...
"Think before you speak." I read that in the Bringing Up Girls book by Dr. Dobson. 
This is my relationship with Liv to a perfect T. 
I can give her a look that she BURSTS into tears at the sight of....
When she is headed for TROUBLE or a STUMBLE DOWN THE STAIRS... and I say, "LIVIA!" 
She Cries. 
She can have her heart broke in a second... with 1 word.

She is a daddy's girl already. It melts my heart to see my husband with her. 
Raising a girl is so different than raising a boy. It sounds like a "DUH" sentence... 
but it is a true...oh so true sentence.

Just as I HITE MY KNEES on raising a boy....
there is this wave of insecurity about raising a's a tender and oh so NEW season I am entering.
Everything I did with Tristan isn't working with her. I need to learn to "speak" her language. 

(purple finger is her way of saying..."MOMMY! LET ME PLAY IN YOUR MAKEUP" 
(whole thing of eyeshadow powder...on my lap and right on her finger!) 

I like to think of the story of Hannah and how she brought Eli to the temple...
She wanted Eli to grow up in the temple.. to be apart of something bigger than herself. 
She knew who was in complete control.
AND THAT. makes a good mother.
I've been checking my parenting techniques lately and what I've been giving them... teaching them... showing them... directing them to....
I have been convicted, friends.

The 1 thing I need to change it my outlook on parenting. Am I the caregiver to this child? Yes.
But I need to remember WHO is in COMPLETE charge.

After her......., "Mommy. my 2nd tooth just came through...hold me and wipe my nose!" 


  1. Awh Beka!
    You are such a good momma!
    I hope beyond hope and pray that I will be as good of a mom as you are!
    I absolutely LOVE all those pictures of her! such a sweet heart!
    Love you!

  2. oh my goodness.. all of the pictures... so precious. she is the most beautiful little girl! loved the post by the way. you are such a good mama & have thee sweetest little babies. i sure love 'em. :)


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