Contented Hearts.

"The Secret to having it all, is realizing that you actually do." 

Those words had a little sting on me and my flesh the other day. There is nothing quite as good as right now..... Zach & I have been talking a lot about the future & present. We keep talking about how GOOD are life is..... How we have a wonderful life. BEAUTIFUL kids. HEALTHY FAMILY. cute puppies. A great church & church family. loyal friends. & a house that is our home. The list can go on and on and on and on...

I thrive and come ALIVE when I talk about the future. I love making goals for 5,10, 15 years. (which Zach and I just finished doing!) I love to dream about projects around the house. 
Where we see ourself on our 30 year Anniversary.
What we should do for Tristan's 3rd Birthday in September. 

But then-

There are times when I have to stop "pinning" things on pinterest. 
I have to stop IGing every bowl of food I have.
I have to stop tweeting about my.....well, everything.

I am having the time of my life. I am living in the best time right now. My kids are young and at home.... these are the BUILDING YEARS. These are the most fragile years of their life. We only have THESE YEARS to influence them before they find out about FRIENDS AT SCHOOL.

In my moments of weakly flesh... I complain.
I complain and huff when I think about working on Sissy's sleep schedule.
I complain about early mornings.
I complain about the dishes.
I complain about putting the laundry away.(i loathe this) 
Whaaaaaat's for dinner?

When really.....
What do I have to complain about? 

I have a husband who loves me. 
A GOD who watches over me.
A healthy son & daughter.(which we all take for granted.) 
Happy Kids.
A beautiful home.
a golden retriever.... i mean come on? ;) 

I believe Paul said... 
"I have learned to be content with everything & with nothing...." 

Let's not let this world & what they value as "WORTH" get to us.
This world needs Godly momma's to stand for what is RIGHT and to direct the next generation to what makes us really happy.

What makes you happy?
Choose Contentment.

My Cup is overflowing with happiness.


  1. I LOVE IT! What adorable pictures and truthful words! love!!

  2. Just reading this post made me happy!

  3. "Godly Momma's" what beautiful & inspiring words you have for our generation! <3


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