Adoption: Waiting.

There are many times in this life we want to jump into the next season. As I type this it's 90* outside.... or it's suppose to be that soon. You better believe that my body aches for fall. (since it's almost to my favorite season!) I love this season of life that Zach and I are in. Our babies are young, we are young, our babies are HEALTHY & the sweetest kids, carefree, & we are in such a good place. 
This truly is the best time of life yet! 

Then comes this ache, this longing..... in my heart.  That something is just around the horizon that is going to be such a blessing! All He is asking is to be still.....


Be still & wait. 

I can't get over how hard that is for me. Waiting? You see, Zach and I are waiting on being licensed with foster care/adoption. We are waiting on a piece of paper that says, "You can adopt." I read somewhere where it takes 9 months for your baby to be born, so you better believe that it takes THAT or longer for your baby in waiting to be brought to you.  That was a beautiful statement. SOme of you know my love and HEART for singing. I've been working on getting some of my songs on here, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I lead worship at our church & while I was in Master's Commission God gave me my LIFE song.  <3 

Maybe you are waiting on something. Maybe you are "in the middle" stages of your life. 
Rest in knowing that it will be worth it. He is worth it. His timing is worth it. 

Oh & while you are waiting.... 
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  1. I LOVE this song & hadn't heard it in so long.
    Boy do I know what you mean. Happy in the now & anxious for what's next. It's hard to be content when God has shown you greater. But it's in the waiting that we know Him.

    It's gonna be worth it Beka

  2. my dear friend, you are amazing! IT is gonna be worth it! You know i love this post! So overjoyed you and Z are stepping out in faith to care for these children. no matter how long they live with you or where they go next, your home will have an eternal effect on love love--you!

  3. Durrell and I are in a season of waiting too. I've been so challenge lately with just letting go. So hard to do. Thanks for your post!



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