DIY: Motherhood. {Part 1.}

Many say postpartum is not real.  TO those fools I say.... Have a baby or 2. If you haven't suffered from postpartum, call yourself a lucky lady. 

When my 1st JOY bundle was born I was in "HOG HEAVEN" (as they say in the south..or maybe it's just my dad?) Tristan was my son.... 1 that was already ready to race in a 5k and beat everyone out by 5 seconds.... only problem.... 

he couldn't run...let alone walk or sit up... or feed himself.... He was dependent on me. Yep. that's right.... a lady that could stay inside all movies..... do laundry... rearrange for the 1000th time....(blog post on that later) &&&&&&&& just sit and paint my nails was given a SON... who was wanting to GO GO GO GO GOOOOOO.
& eat. 
but the eating part he got from me. 
so. yeah. we bonded over that.

My son, Tristan brings JOY beyond measure to my heart. He has such a compassionate heart & he genuinely loves people. I can remember reading on Kelle Hampton's blog that Lainey taught her how to love. 

There is nothing like a child's love. Not even our Vixen (golden retriever) loves like Tristan. 

Tristan has molded me into a different kind of mother. He has taught me to see things differently. He has shown me that LOVE really can break down so many walls. He really has shown me that CHILDREN are created in His image. He already has signs of JESUS all over him. He was sent straight from heaven. 

During those first few months of his life...
they were the most growing, tiring, rewarding, & stretching me into the mom I needed to be for this little man.....HARDEST days I've had yet......God knew I needed Tristan. He knew that I could stay inside all day & be a mother, but God wanted me to grow..... so he sent Tristan. 
Who wants to be outside all day, play in the dirt, or throw things in the water. He is ALL boy & I am not about to take that from him and make him a city boy. 

Tristan's name means: "The loud one " 
other meanings mean... "Like a tundra." 

This explains my Tristan.

He is loud & already a leader. He sees an opportunity and embraces it. 
Yes, I am writing about my 2 year old... A child that SHOULD be going through the "TERRIBLE twos", but he is teaching me about life.
He's enabling me to see this world differently. 

This post is not only about my wonderful son, but it is also about a different kind of DIY. 

It's about YOU. The mom reading this.... (if you aren't a mom yet, keep reading. You are a future molder !) 

The fact of the matter is.... 
Motherhood can't be done by yourself. You need help. You need family. You need a Rock. You need to know WHO is in matter what happens. :)

The only thing that you CAN DO to become a great mom...(which is something we, as mothers, ALL WANT!!!!!) Is to POINT them to the One who knows them best.

If you are struggling with understanding your child.... & how he/she works... Look to His word! 
If you are wondering where to start..... LOOK IN HIS WORD!
If you need guidance on what to do next..... Prayer is the answer.

I could have easily been put on postpartum meds, but chose not to....Just like I didn't take Tristan into the doctor to put the title as "EXTREME COLLIC" on him.... Nothing wrong with getting help from the doctor, but I personally could not handle someone telling me my child has something...(with my state of mind at that time, I would have cried even harder..... SIDE NOTE:. I am not against meds, but for me personally, I body goes cray-cray on them. boo. (which is why I also do all-natural birthing) 

Now, Being a DIY Mother is hard to do. I've never met one that does it all... and can do anything & everything while trying to raise Godly men and women. 

Trust Him. Look to Him. Get your quiet time in. 

Working Momma's, This is for you too! I have some best friends that wish they could be home with their babies, but they cannot due to finances and life. My words to you are....

Don't feel discouraged. Don't let Satan speak poison in your family. You are still their #1 mommy! You are still their #1 CAREGIVER and they need YOU to be filled. You are still their #1 encourager. They need you. The best thing is NOT that you stay home with them, it is pointing them to their Creator. always. 

Motherhood is not easy. That is why we, as women, need to put down the "titles and labels" & begin to unite as 1. 
After all, 
we ARE building up the next generation.

Put down your insecurities and rise up & raise the generation for God. 


  1. I feel like I'm standing in a shower of encouragement letting your words rain down on me!!! So so so good, Beka... thank you, thank you!

  2. What an awesome post! Thanks B!


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