What is it about spring?

That makes me pull out the colorful rain boots.... With any outfit! Because we can!

The taste of spring has come early for us NORTHERNers! :)

We have been loving every library visit, park adventure, toss of MUD, creations of mud pies, throwing every ball in the house through the window! (window was open- Tristan's newest love)

We brought out our double stroller..... Put our cloth diapers on the line, pulled the digging tools out of the garage....

Spring is here & we are loving it so much!

Tis' the season to use an actual camera! :) but for now----
Enjoy these snapshots of our days packed full of adventures!

Spring is a sign that there is life, after there has been no sign of life for quite some time. Spring gives me hope about tomorrow & contentment for today. Hope that my foot + knee will stop bothering me.

Enjoy your spring!


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