Going Private.

Many of you know that I am Pastor's Kid & Pastor's wife. I love a lot about being in the ministry, but 1 thing I do not care for is privacy....or the lack of privacy. 

In November, God began to speak into my heart about living a "quiet life." This is a task that is hard for me to do.... I am an "open book" or so, I was until I had my babies...... but it is a task I must take for my family & my heart to be safe in my home. 

I gave up Facebook a while ago because I was letting people into my home that weren't invited. My daddy who is very, very, wise.... talked with me about Facebook & the scary side of it.  I believe there is no accountability with our words on Facebook & twitter for that matter. (at least we have to keep it short on twitter.) 

My sister, Libby, & I have been talking about going PRIVATE on our blog for quite some time. We have talked about it for a couple months & different reasons we would want to....

1. I'm not trying to be a TOP blogger. This is a personal blog & a personal blog means this.

via google. 


private, individual

That is just what I want to have this blog for....personal blog....
 Libby and I have been hearing in the news about how unwanted guests stumble on our blog.... especially ones with pictures of kids. People stealing your stuff, pictures, etc. 

No. I am not ending this open blog with fear, but this is something that I need to do for my family & my private life.

2. Growing up in the parsonage, My mom always called it... "Fish Bowl Living."  With Whitney Houston passing just recently, (i adore her.) ...the talk about what people were expecting from her... how they were cruel and rude from her "latest album being a flop." Rumors say that that's what caused her to step into drugs, alcohol, etc. 

While I am not about to get into a heated debate about her "cause of  death." (which I have my own opinions on this matter)  My eyes are opened. Kevin Costner's speech at her funeral still sticks with me today. i cry when I think about his words, "Whitney, I hope now you will see you were good enough!" 

Even Whitney Houston didn't think she was good enough........ 

In this quiet season of my life, I am taking a step back from things. No Facebook. Private blog. Private twitter. 

I must say this is a "long time coming"..... The books that I have been reading lately have really set this in place even more. 

All in All....

Less time worrying about "being good enough" in the world's eyes..... More time walking towards heaven. 

So, If you would like to still be 1 of my readers & I haven't scared you off. ;)

Please comment below with an email address! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart Beka!

  2. I agree 100 percent, marcie14@hotmail.com still love reading your work :)

  3. This makes me think about my own stuff! Thanks! RachelStanley06@gmail.com

  4. I find your blog so encouraging :) nielsenk111@gmail.com

  5. Fully support you in this!!! Meghanbeth27@hotmail.com :):)

  6. lauren.brooke319@gmail.com

    This is so awesome of you Beka. I think I need to get some more privacy in my life. Reading your blog always encourages me to be a better follower, and to grow closer to God. Could you ever post some of the books you read that have helped you in this? I would love that!

  7. Alex & i sure do love you Miss Beka Fox. :) mine: juliamolstead@gmail.com & Alex: alexizme@gmail.com

  8. ria.thurston@gmail.com :) would love to stay connected...

  9. i truly respect your decision to go private. i think some people have taken to the blogging world for the wrong reasons. it should be a space where you can feel safe to say the things that you want and share the things that you want with those you love. best of luck in all your endeavors ;)
    xo TJ

  10. I think about deleting FB as well, it's something I am still pondering.

  11. Hey B, I am going to DM you on twitter my e-mail address. Would love to still KIT.

    XOXO GiGi

  12. you know i need my b*pretty love:)

  13. I love your blog Becka, and it was awesome to meet u at the Treasured conference in January. my email is alyssabarker1@gmail.com

  14. Beka i completely respect your decision sweetie:)

  15. I completely understand the reason to be private and I have started to contemplate that for my blog, as well!! asnelson2007@yahoo.com

  16. I know I hardly ever comment, but I do love to keep in touch by reading your blog.
    If you don't mind, I'd love to keep reading... :)
    Betsy (used to be Anderson -at Cedar Valley Christian School) Banowetz

  17. You are so great with words! After reading your post I seem to be thinking about my privacy and most important my kid's! Thank you so much for your wonderful words! xoxo


  18. Sounds good! kittywillow@hotmail.com.:-)

  19. I have enjoyed reading your blog! vmyoung75@gmail.com

  20. I would love to continue reading your blog!

    steffielee83@comcast.net :)

  21. LDSpang@aol.com. love the wisdom u have to share!

  22. This is such a hard thing to do!! Completely support your decision, would love to be able to keep up with you, if you don't mind :).


  23. Oops, forgot to leave my name--didn't sign into google. :)


  24. I feel like I'm apart of the family now since I always get updates on your life from Lib! haha I have to keep reading!


  25. Thank you for all your words of encouragement. My husband and I decided when Facebook started that we not be a part of it. We have had many people, 'make fun' of our decision. However, we have stood strong and stayed away. I would love to continue reading your blog.

  26. I've considered giving up FB myself...Love your blog! Tarah (Engelhardt) Paulus tarahkay@hotmail.com


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