A day in the life.....

Busy life.

There are so many things going on in life right now...
We can always get caught up in life, can't we?

But then God does something to help keep us in perspective. He gives us a little life.... A fragile child that NEEDS me. So we must slow down. Take a breath. And we must slow down to take the time we need to take care of them....
But then... Something happens.
They take care of us.
They help me in life.

They not only love me with everything they have......
They teach me how to love. They teach me how to forgive. They teach me how to LISTEN.

A child is a precious, precious, PRECIOUS GIFT!

I am learning in this life.

Slow down. Take your time. Listen to the kids in your life. They can teach you so much.

In other news: I started my cloth diaper journey. Something I never thought I would do. But here I am!

Bieber was right. Never say never........


  1. I almost forgot what you look like! I haven't seen you in AGES it seems! LOL. Love this post, though. Love your babies. Love you! :)

  2. I cannot get over how cute they are. It is ridiculous! I love them.

  3. Yay Cloth diapers!!!!!! She looks so cute in them! The best part is summer time when you get to hang them on the line, and they look SOOO adorable blowing in the wind!! :) I hope all my neighbors are jealous! (not really... well maybe.)


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