Baby Shower: Got Milk?

My Bestie, Meghan is due very shortly here with a baby girl. They will name her Ezmae. WHICH is unofficially after me. . . . . . . . . right MEG? (my middle name is MaeLyn) EzMAE. MAElyn. SEE IT? 

Well, Long story short.... My ANGEL, Amanda held the shower at her house and we planned a "GOT MILK" themed shower where it was all about the milk and cookies. :)

here are some photos that I wanted to share. I know y'all are having babies out there, so here is a very cute idea to run with. :)

These straws were ordered from LuLu's. An adorable shop. 


  1. ohhhhh these pics are so adorable Beka! you came up with the cutest theme!!!

  2. What a fun shower! I love the pictures!


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