What makes you happy?

It's Thursday. I have sick kids. I am so over this cold February. Winter is my favorite, but I have never had my kids be this sick. :(

So here I am cheering myself up......
Reliving what makes me happy.
My family.
Oh. & a clean kitchen.

Now, What makes you happy?


  1. hahaha. Omg that picture of T with all the toliet paper is hilarious!! That makes me happy. :)

  2. Cute! I love the last photo :) So in love with your man... cute, cute, cute!! Hope your kiddos get well SOON!

  3. Priceless photos and beautiful memories:) Praying your babies get better soon!!

  4. love your pictures and LOVE LOVE your kitchen!!! you make me want to take more candid shots of my kiddos throughout the days to capture all these memories that i know i'll miss so much one day!

  5. cute!! It sucks that your little ones are sick though... praying for a speedy recovery for you all!!
    What makes me happy?? New notebooks, afternoons free for reading & knitting and watching old movies.

  6. praying for you two little peanuts. hope they feel better. :( oh, & i loved all of the pictures! (of course) ;)


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