Something I am learned from my dad.

My dad is an awesome pastor. He is NOT a prideful man. He is gentle with his words, but speaks strength when he needs to.

On top of running a church... God placed on His heart to start a Christian school in our small town. He knew that this was God's school from the beginning. This is not a blog about our awesome Christian school.... Although I love our school so much!

It's about my dad and his life lessons. He always gives me something to think about. Now, I'm no debater, theologian, or great known speaker.
So what I am about to say is this .....

My dad spoke about the man in the Old Testament.... The man named Uzzah........

Yes. The man that no one really knows about, but we all might know this story.
The man that *touched* the Ark of the Covenant......& then died.

2 Samuel 6:6- "the oxen stumbled and Uzzah reached out his hand and steadied it.....7) The lord got mad, & struck him dead.....(Beka version)


My dad just MENTIONED this subject tonight. He didn't go into great detail, but it got me thinking.....

What have I tried to *touch* that is not designed for me to touch?

A certain situation?

A certain *timeline*?

A certain plan?

A certain opinion?

I'm not saying God is going to strike you dead if you do.
But, I am wondering.... What opinion have I given? What "budding in" have I done? What blabbing have I done?

1 goal of mine for this blog is to NEVER TREAT it like my best friend.

I don't want to come and complain.... Vent..... And use it to hurt people with my words.

I always want to be an encourager.

There are some things I am still learning in this life..... :)

On another note, I had thing cute ring from Etsy!

Painted nails always makes me feel better....

Be encouraged today!


  1. LOVE IT! thanks for keeping me filled in so i didnt miss out on wed service:)
    AND i <3 the ring!! ITs purrrdy!

  2. Wil and I were just talking about this I was working out. Loved what dad preached about! :) Love you too. And, how many days will your nails stay this way? Mine always chip......

  3. This blessed my soul. Esp. the part about what your blog is about... I love you.

  4. This is why I love your blog. I always leave feeling encouraged!

  5. Oh I love this!! What have I touched??? I shall be thinking of this all day. Thanks for sharing, Boo! Love your thoughts and view points!! Always an.encouragement and enlightenment!

  6. Wow you really opened my eyes to something new. Thank you!

  7. SO GOOD THOUGHTS BEKA! :) I am wondering this same thing and asking God to reveal to me what I am "overstepping" on. Thank you - you are SUCH an encouragement always! LOVE!


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