Some perspective today....

It's Saturday....Sigh*
A day of cleaning & enjoying it.
There are some times when a good clean is just down right annoying, but today...
today it is nice, WHY?

Because cleaning is always better when you have someone to clean with.
yes. it is.
Today is the 1st official day that my parents & auntie LOIS are back from their CRUISE.
My sister LIBBY got to go & I was so excited for them to go and get away to the Bahamas!
(We didn't go would have been the same price for my 9 month old daughter as it were for me to go...oh and 2 year old. end vent)

Saturday's have become a ritual in our family for Aunt Lois to come over in the EARLY mornings.
Zach goes in and has youth pastor/director stuff to do.... so it is a nice touch to our Saturday's.
Many of my friends have their hubby's home with them on Saturday's, but as many of you know...
Ministry needs are never done. 
Aunt Lois is here. She is playing with Livia & watching the OLD SCHOOL Mickey Mouse episodes with Tristan. She is a GREAT multi-tasker woman. :) 
(thank you, auto correct, but yes...multi-tasker is a word. I just created it.)
This is not a post about cleaning, because LAAAAAWWWWRRDDD knows I am not the one to right about that & this little pregnant bff of mine is. (follow her)

This post is dedicated to all the women that are always "longing" for another season.
Something God/my husband has been showing me is that I am soooooo

I just long for the next season...

  Let me be the 1,000th person to say it.

In a Mommy's world.... there is something always needing our attention.
It can be 10 finger nails.... or the Mt. GAZUMBAG pile of laundry
 (word #2 i invented today)
There is always something that needs to be done/said/wiped/brushed/cleaned/talked to
etc. etc. etc.
Yesterday, I was reading this post....
it hit me like a bad cup of soup from the local chinese restaurant. (yep. it happened.)
Here in America it is THROWN at us to always need/want more. 
We always need to be doing SOMETHING to get MORE. more. more.

Honestly, this is something on my heart(which means God is dealing with me on this)
So I do not have a big ROUND ABOUT story about how this all going to make sense and I am now all good and have it all together.

I am struggling in my "I want this... I want that... I need this to happen so this can happen." 
(yes, very vague, but I will spill the beans later)

I will tell you what I do know...
I know that the Bible is TRUE.
I know that Jesus is real & alive in me.
I know that HE is for me & not against me.
I know that GOD knows my life my "hiccups"
meltdowns are no shocker to him...

A story I thought of the other day...

A woman was diagnosed with cancer & not much time given to live...
She couldn't get out of bed. 
Barely, feed/clean herself.

She was so scared & overwhelmed.....
She needed her Bible...
But couldn't read it....
Instead of  letting Satan take her down....

She got up out of bed....OUT OF BED....
& stood on her Bible....
actually STOOD on her Bible because she knew that her mind needed to grasp it..

She then wrote this song...
& is the one singing it.

She changed her view..... 
her perspective.... 
to heaven's point of view!

So, Get with it Beka.... 

xoxo friends. 


  1. wow.
    tears, tears, tears.
    what an incredible song and powerful story. wow, wow, wow. that is faith!!!!
    i struggle with perspective so much as well.. CONSTANTLY. i'm always looking ahead to the next thing on the calendar, or next big life event, when in reality, God wants to show me the amazing stuff of everyday!
    thanks for being real, Beka!
    and I don't have my hubby on Saturdays or Sundays either with his work, and it's always a little hard to see the Facebook posts about fun family days/outings that inevitably come every weekend... but again.. CONTENTMENT! I get my family doses too, even if it's on a Tuesday instead of a Saturday ;) Have fun with your Aunt Lois!


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