Senior Portraits. {Abigail}

Hello friends. 

This past week I was honored to do a senior session. I was so happy to do a session.... I took the cold winter off here & it was beautiful. 
I got some new direction for b* pretty & I am excited to announce a couple new things coming your way! 

But first, the reason for my post..... A beautiful, senior, Abigail! :) She was so sweet, beautiful, & knew how to pose and was such a delight to take pictures of!

Dear Seniors, 
I love when people brings hats, scarves, random things that mean something to them. 
Love, ME

I was in love with her winter coat....well, hood. :) 

See why?

*ignore the BEKA FOX nonsense...I'm working on it* 

Gorgeous, am I right? 

& here are a couple more since her momma is so excited to see them!

I love me a good, gold, plants all  dead field. 


OK... before you get all freaked out but the tombstone she is carrying.... ( inside joke) 
It is her Swim board. She was on swim team & her mom calls it her "TOMBSTONE!" Why? Well, because it does look like it when they put her swim team dates on there... and her name. LOL! 
But we decided to have a little fun with it! GOOD JOB, ABBY!

& since Abby was such a good sport, she wanted to get in the snow and attempt a snow angel. 
Although the snow was TOOOOOOOOO wet and icey... she did it! like a trooper. :) 


  1. I LOVE these photos Beka!! You are mucho talented!!

  2. Beka, I LOVE the pictures! Thank you so very much and look forward to getting our cd.. Also, looking forward to a family photo session sometime this summer before Abigail goes off to college! Thanks again...

  3. I love these!! Your work is AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  4. The pictures look so good Beka! I love the first one with the hood the best. Can't wait for you to take Alex's. :)

  5. The pictures of Abby are darling! Very creative! From
    Abby's Aunt Terrie

  6. Awesome! I like the more fresh look BEKA! :) FAB FAB FAB!!


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