A letter to me.

I was watching CBS MORNING Show with Gayle King. They have a new series out right now about "What I wish my "so and so" age would have known....

It was beautiful and I want to do something like it. :) 

"If only I knew what I know now...."
(writing to my 16&17 year old self)
Dear Me, 

You are far above your years. You are an old soul with a modern twist. Be true to His image, not your heart or your view on how you think you should look/act. You are sweet person, don't pick up the "SPEAK OUT FOR EVERY SINGLE VIEW!" IT's a hard habit to stop.

Don't fret over the small men in your life. They will pass. None of them bring out the real you. Your friends that you have now will always be in your life. Not as much as you hoped or want to, but they are always there....just a phone call away.

Singing is your outlet. You don't know that yet, but it is. Sing. sing. SING! You are beautiful & keep being you. I'm sorry that you felt pressure to be tan. I'm sorry to have gone to the tanning beds during your JR & senior year. PALE skin is part of who you are. So keep it. Don't fret about being pale. & lots of freckles....

Don't fear so much. You are a strong soul. You can do much with the strength God has put in you. God is guiding your steps. Master's Commission is in your future. Be you. Don't fear graduating. It's an exciting step to where you will meet your future husband & some new best friends. 

Always remember that you are beautiful & the best thing you can do is to be you. Fight for what is right. Don't fret the small pebbles on your path. Good job not drinking any soda. Don't take that 1st sip with Jessica Brown, now Trammel. Dr. Pepper is of the devil.  ;) 

Oh yeah. 
Don't cut your hair really short... even if people tell you that "you will look more like Reese Witherspoon." 

Don't worry about leaving Floyd. God brings you back with far more than you left with.
You will have a son 1st....so your dreams were right. ;)
But his name will not be Duke. thank god.

You will get your license. even though you failed the driving test the 1st time.... 
Speaking of that... Just DO NOT attempt to get your license while you are on pain meds. Listen to your daddy more. 

Don't follow your heart. The heart is evil and beyond cure. Read that Scripture verse every day. Don't go with what your heart says.... Your heart is very young & doesn't understand that a good man is waiting for you. It doesn't understand that all the feelings and emotions you are experiencing are not love.... they are a mere reflection of something far...far less..... 

Love is not puffed up. remember those words.

You don't win Convention Volleyball ever. So just get ready. 

All in All. To sum...EVERYTHING UP.

Do not worry about your life. Love deeply. Sing deeper. Pray more. Speak less. 
Remember Christ 1st...always. 
Listen more to people.

Get ready. Your world is about to go in FF mode. Learn everything you can. 



  1. wow. this is beautiful. moving. i love this idea! i love how raw this is! this is a post you need to print out and save :)

  2. I loved this beka! This is such a great idea. Hmm.. Might have to do it myself! ;)

  3. OKAY... So I absolutely LOVE this! Reminds me of Brad Paisley's song, "Letter To Me." AHHHH! I'm so doing this sometime soon! But I was so "into" this until you wrote - "You don't win convention volleyball ever. So just get ready." I lost it.... starting crying uncontrollably...and then LAUGHED...FOREVER!!!!! Oh, thanks for sharing, boo!

  4. I love this, Beka and my word what a beautiful 16 year old you were!!! You are so sweet.

  5. I remember that young beautiful beka and now i know the beautiful grown woman you've become!!:)
    Awesome & beautiful post beka!!! *tears* If we could only write letters to younger selves and be able to read them when we needed them most..how awesome would that be:))

  6. Aw! I love this so much!!!!!!!! I may copy... in some form. :) How blessed we are!

  7. FRIENDS! Please do this! I want to read it! :D

  8. Love this! Yes I accept the chhallenge!

  9. B-to-the-EKA! I LOVVVVVE this! This blog made me love even more than i already do!!!!!!!
    i prolly needa do this blog:)

  10. Beautiful! I love this so much. There are so many MANY things I would love to tell myself, but then again, it's kind of fun to discover life's surprises along the way! : )


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