Extra Shot Monday & GOOD NEWS.

"Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people."
-colossians 3:23.

How many times do we finish something and wait for someone to notice?
As women, I'm sure it is far greater than the men folk. ;)
Why? Because we love being affirmed. 
We love hearing that we did a good job.

Today. I am going to work for the Lord, not for people. 
I choose today to look to my Father & not to people.
How many times a day do we look to people to help us get through the day?
How many times do we pick up our phones and call/text someone instead of talking to God first about it?
Something I have been thinking about lately...
& working on. (lawrddd help me!)

We look to people more so than we look to God.
We put our HOPE in people instead of our HOPE being in God.

I need to trust.
I need to HOPE.
in jesus. :)

happy monday folks. 

Have you visited my shop?
I just recently sold my very 1st item.
Looking to add more items to my shop this week.
so get ready!

That's some money for our ADOPTION FUND/savings! 


  1. Now that is so sweet. I like the boats, too! :)

  2. Good job on selling the boots! It feels good when something sells! :) XOXO.

  3. congratulations! That's wonderful!!! x


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