Extra Shot for Monday.

Changing the way we pray. 
I can remember hearing that sentence by my leader in KC while I was in my 2nd year of leadership training. 

Growing up in church, being the Pastor's Kid....it made me cringe when she said it.
"Am I not praying right?"

No one has ever talked to me about praying differently.....
So, What does that mean?

I remember asking my leader to explain it to me & she did....
& now...
I pray differently. It is something that I now LOVE to do.

Do not pray for your needs.... or wants... or your plans...
but pray scripture over each and every situation. 
Claim His DIVINELY breathed words into your soul and situation.

It has rocked my prayer life. 
DO you pray scripture?

I challenge you to do so, because in my ungrateful heart somedays.

I need the challenge.

So PRAY differently. 
to get different answers.
Might not turn out how you think.

Happy Monday, Y'all! 


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