A book REVIEW for YOU!

Ok Friends. Y'all know how much I love Focus on the Family. I love their SUPPORT for the family. I love their 800 hotline for counseling. It's all so good! Well, Their new President of Focus is an advocate for adoption and foster care. All I can say is, "AHHHHHHHHHH!" Every podcast lately from my iPhone has been about parenting & ADOPTING. God is so Faithful. EVEN IN THE SMALL DETAILS! :) 

Anyway, at the beginning of this week they had Gary Thomas on their talk show and talked with him about his new book. 

Well...knowing how I am... I went and downloaded it on my iPad and i haven't been able to get PAST THE 2nd CHAPTER. I have to go and grab my journal and write down things...... AHHH! It's so goooood! This is definitely a book that you want to buy and highlight over and over... and write in and mark and SHARE. 

So here I am...

He also.... wrote 
"Sacred Romance" 
for the married folk here. 
CHECK that out as well. 
It's.....on my next LIST.
so, that's a sneak peek!!!!!!



  1. I'm a sucker for parenting books!that has been on my wish list to read. I may have to get order it!


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