5 things I love about my Superman.

I love Pinterest, don't get me wrong.. I do.
I love the DIY crafts and such!
It's honestly helped my home more than anything.

But 1 thing I was thinking about recently is that this life is so beautiful. 
In everything my husband & I have been through...(which is absolutely nothing compared to the very sad stories on the news lately)

our lives are so beautiful.
we are healthy & happy.
We love Jesus.
We have healthy & happy kids.
we have plenty of clothes.
in the washer or in the closet.
Life is perfectly imperfect. :)

Which makes me go onto the next event.

"What do I love about My Superman?"
What 1st made me love him?

5 things I love about my Superman.

1. I love his {HEART} for His Savior.
When I first met Zach he always was talking about becoming a martyr for Christ.
He is passionate & loves to serve fully.

2. I love his {heart} for his family.
He provides, cares, loves, nurtures, wrestles, is adventurous with us all.
He is my wild side. he is the ACE up my sleeve. 

3. I love his shoulders. 
Yep. I went there. It was one of the 1st things I noticed about him. 

4. I love the way he loves me.
He loves me so much & puts me in my place when i need to be put in my place. 
He doesn't let me get by with things... he loves me so much for me and who I am. There is no worry about.. "he loves me more than I love him... or I love him more than he loves me." 

5. I love the way he is a daddy.
the way he is so gentle with Liv..... & how he makes her laugh.
How he wrestles with Tristan and has time with Tristan & the dogs. 
Oh... be steady my heart. 
He is so sweet. 

What do you love about your Superman?
TAG, you're it! 
Write it up & let me know! 

A while ago I asked girls to send in their picture of their Supermen/lovers...

Here are 2 of my favorites. 

Thanks BRE & Julia! 


  1. bahaha! still one of my favorite pictures of the two of us. love it. ;)

  2. Beka great post!

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    My company, Freshpet, is launching a new product called Ready to Bake Cookies (for dogs). Wondering if you could review it, if you have any pooches. Here's a link to the cookies below.

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