Word for 2012.

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012. 

2011 left me with the flu. I feel much better this new day. Still weak, but feeling so much better than how I was feeling last night. As I was in my bed this AM..... thinking about this NEW YEAR & how I had to miss church. (when i miss church i feel like i am walking around without a shoe.) I was thinking of everything that 2011 has taught me. It has brought some new life lessons to me. For those, I am thankful. 

Words are limited on how excited I am about 20.12! I am so very excited for this next year & what it is going to bring. 

I always LOVE to have 1 word for the NEW year. 

When Tristan was about to join our lives.... I found out NEW YEARS DAY 2009 that Zach and I were going to be PARENTS. a month before that... God gave me the word.... *LIFE. BRING LIFE*...It made me so happy because here I THOUGHT it had something to do with my daddy's life. :) AHHH. It did, & so much more. Tristan was born that September! :) 

Liv's year(2011) was Simplicity & Harvest. God showed me that LIV.... my treasure! :) She is such a sweetie. She was to bring me simplicity & that ZACH and I were to work in the HARVEST. WORRY ABOUT THE HARVEST! :) 

Now..... THIS YEAR.

THE MOMENT Y'ALL have been waiting for.....  The moment that I've been going back and forth about sharing! :) 

My word for this year is....... RAIN. 
He spoke, 

"We must have rain before we can bring in the HARVEST." 

All these tears that have gone on in 2011...... they have been collected by Him in a bottle.... he is waiting to POUR OUT those tears on us with SHOWERS OF BLESSING. 

So... let's do this! :)

 I'm ready for the RAIN... 
refreshing... RAIN! 


Do you have a WORD/words for the NEW YEAR?! :) 

Winner announced TOMORROW.


  1. Rain... the perfect word for a great year. :)

  2. I love that you have words for your years to prophesy and also to remember. The year that Peyton was born God told me that it was the year I would grow up. I was 19. And wow, I can't imagine any more fast track to maturity than becoming a parent! This new year is a year for me to INCREASE IN HIM! To rise up into the woman He created me to be! To be more of everything good in HIM. To increase in the fruit of the spirit!

    Looking forward to walking through this new year seeing what God does!

  3. This is so exciting. I love your attitude and outlook. I hope God rains down his blessings upon you and your beautiful family. Wishing you a very, very beautiful 2012. Much love, Becky : )


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