Winter's day.

Funny quotes from our outing!

"momma !!! Let's make buzz!"
"I found a helmet, mom!"
* helmet on*
"mom! It's buzz!"

"mom! The school ers are going to eat my snowman!" (squirrels)

Tristan placed corn(his other love besides hadassah & Eva) for teeth. They kept falling out. He got mad. So he said, "stop you corn!"

He was most fascinated with the carrot! :)

Avacado seeds for eyes' :)

Our first snow man! :)

No.... My artsy hubby was inside! :)
This is all T and I's wonderful work!



  1. My kingdom for some snow! We're melting over here!! Tristans beanie is adorable! x

    1. Lauren!!!! Girl! I forget that it's the exact opposite over there!!!!! Oh y goodness!!!! I couldn't do that heat!!!!! Yikes!!!

  2. Sooo CUTE!!!! Love the fact that you said Z was inside and this was YOUR work!!!

  3. Hahaha!! I loved that he wanted to "make Buzz"... :) Adorable post!!


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