Week of Prayer.

This week at my home church. Yep. the church that Zach & I are working at is the church that my parents have stood beside for 30 + years. Good roots. 

My dad is a PRAYER warrior. It is something that is so evident in his life. He is the kindest, sweetest, most generous person I know. 

He wants everyone to CAPTURE the VISION of PRAYER.

He started 6AM & 6PM PRAYER services this whole week.

I wanted to share a song with you that has really been a blessing to me lately. 

Oh. Yes. I'm a KARI JOBE fan. Her HEART for worship is beyond words.
You can see that she has a phone line to God with her lyrics. :)
(not sure if she wrote this song or not, but HER music)

Hope you enjoy! 


  1. I wanted to tell you that the New England Masters Commission is coming to my church on Sunday to perform! I'm so excited! They came once before and I absolutely LOVED being ministered to by them! I just wanted to jump out of my seat and be involved with Masters Commission!

    OOOO I see that the post below this one is titled "wanna hear me sing?" AAA I WANT TO! But I'm in the same room as hubby who's sleeping so I can't right now! I have to bookmark your blog to come back tomorrow and listen to you!!!!! Excited!

  2. I adore Kari Jobe . . . Big news with D and I - we're looking to move to Texas this fall . . . mainly to be apart of GATEWAY church, which is Kari Jobe's home church :):)


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