Wanna hear me sing?

While I was in KANSAS CITY attending Master's Commission there.
I was honored to be on the Worship Team at Antioch Church.
That year they were recording a CD & LIVE dvd!

It's on iTunes.
I feel like a little school girl.
It was recorded a while back, but the CD brings back so many wonderful memories.
IF you buy the DVD...
my husband is dancing on it.

Ooooooh? have I mentioned my husband can dance?
He can.
Anyway, You can check it out on iTunes
"Antioch Church-AMAZED"
"Faithful" is the song I sing that my friend Chris Hamlin wrote!

Leave me some love if you go and listen :)


  1. is Master's Commission with the Salvation Army? I feel like I've heard of that before from a friend in the Salvation Army church. I may be way off here hah

  2. Yes please do tell us about Master's Commision - i've never heard of it before..? and you better believe i'm going to download your song now! haha :) x

  3. Oh! and your new header is totes adorbs. x

  4. How awesome! I am going to listen! :)

  5. i am back...it was awesome! What an amazing voice girlie!

  6. i am going to have to listen to this lil lady! thanks for my sweet comments and I look forward so much to keeping up with your blog! you have so much energy, I LOVE IT :) xoxo

  7. mo beka mo beka!! Jasmine use to yell this when she was a toddler and we'd listen to this song. I love you sweetheart your voice has always been such a blessing to hear! So like Jasmine i scream MO BEKA:))

  8. ooo I am excited to check that out! Thanks for your comment love :) Exciting to see that you got to see Ria at Empower 2012

  9. GO ON GIRL!

    LOVED it! sing right out and wail on it!

    I'm a singer as well, and I always feel that my voice is clearest when I'm singing worship. I truly believe there is a special anointing and release on our voices when we lift them up in praise to God! My favorite genre to sing is worship because I always feel the most released when belting out some true worship!


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